The 7 Worst Excuses To Ditch Fitness

Most people have a love/hate relationship when they first start with fitness. Fitness is the solution to their health and body problems. But more importantly, fitness demands hard work, dedication and motivation, which can take the time to build up. Motivation is a habit, and like most habits, you need to practice until it becomes natural to do so. Unfortunately, it’s where a lot of people fail. Most follow their fitness program for the first few weeks and then find themselves lacking the dedication to continue, either because it is too time-demanding, or because they don’t see the dreamed results fast enough. Below is a list of the 7 worst excuses that everyone who starts on a fitness journey can be guilty of using. Use this if you find yourself finding excuses not to work out a little too often. #1. I Can’t See The Results Putting on weight takes time. So it’s only natural that your body doesn’t get hyper fit after the first workout. Losing weight is a work of patience. If you … [Read more...]

My Thoughts On Diet And Exercise Programs

I have been battling my weight for a while now. I’ve also made a lot of progress. I know these things take time, and not every exercise program suits everybody. However, I do my fair share of exercise, and I’ve been building some lean muscle lately. This means I feel fitter and stronger than I did when I started. I’ve been looking into a number of different ways to continue my success. I know that lean muscle helps me to burn fat more efficiently. There are also plenty of different fat burner supplements on the market I could use to help with this. I’m keen to keep up the good work with my diet, though. I’m particularly interested in eating more fresh foods. When I went to learn more about HCG diet drops, I found out that the combination of fresh foods I eat could be important. Some diets like HCG suggest you only eat one type of vegetable per meal to ensure rapid weight loss. Elsewhere, you hear that you need to eat your five a day and that those five should be all be different. … [Read more...]

Battling the Scales

It seems I have been battling the scales for awhile now. As soon as I get in the 250's the scale goes right back up. I know that it's muscle building, because I have been on a body analyzer, and it shows the amount of fat I have lost. I have decided to take a new approach at things to see if it helps the scales move. I will be eating a raw diet for awhile, so my body can get the needed nutrients it needs, while keeping in check with a low calorie intake. I know my food intake has not been that great lately, however, I am getting back on track! I know if I want to lose all this fat and get to my goal weight of 160, I must work for it. Nothing in life comes easy except fat. I have both my husband and daughter on board, and she has been begging for mixed greens and black eyed peas. I will not let the scales win! With being insulin resistant it's extremely important that I keep as much sugar as I can out of my diet, and work to lose weight.   … [Read more...]

Avoid The Gym By Working Out At Home

Many people are interested in working out, but they do not want to pay the high price of a gym membership. They also do not want to go through the trouble of battling traffic and driving to the gym every time they want to work out. For these people, the best option would be to buy their own exercise equipment. You can buy a piece of equipment to exercise every part of your body. So not matter what body part you are looking to tighten up or tone, there is a piece of exercise equipment that is specifically designed for that task. What exercise equipment should you buy? Here are some tips to help you during your decision process. 1. Decide your budget Exercise equipment is now more affordable than it has ever been. However, there are also very expensive models that contain all of the latest features. These can cost a pretty penny, so you need to figure out your budget before you start looking at equipment. 2. New or used? As you might imagine, used exercise equipment will cost you a … [Read more...]

Four Issues That Affect Weight Loss

Many people count calories and work out each day, but they still do not lose weight. There are four reasons why the pounds won‘t go away. Focus On Relaxing According to a study, when people think about exercising, they usually eat 50 percent more snacks throughout a day. Before a workout, the calorie limit must be no more than 150. Drink More Water Although water keeps you hydrated, it also promotes weight loss. By drinking a bottle of water before dinner, portion management will be much easier. Also, there was a study that discovered that cool drinking water increases metabolism. This is possible because the water discourages sugary drink cravings. Try New Activities A 15-minute stroll is an effective fat-burning routine, but it doesn’t give people dramatic results. So, consider taking a 30-minute stroll instead. Other efficient fat and calories burning activities include hiking, spin class, circuit training, interval training, and running. Eat Healthy Foods Wisely Whole wheat … [Read more...]

Battling the Scales an Everyday Struggle

I have struggles with my weight almost all my life. I remember in 8th grade I tipped the scale at 180 and after entering high school I jumped up to almost 285 by graduation. It didn't matter what I did I couldn't for the life of me lose weight. My mom would make me walk the block, climb the stairs and even walk miles a day. The weight went no where, I wouldn't say I ate bad and I know I got plenty of exercise, I mean I was an 80's kid we rode bikes everywhere. When I was 17 my mom decided to have me put on a weight loss pill. A few months after starting the pill it was recalled. I dropped a few pounds while I was taking it and when I turned 18, I got a job in a busy buffet working the line. I was working 40+ hours a week, and without noticing must I dropped down to 205 pounds. This was the lowest weight in my adulthood. I then got pregnant, had my daughter and went through depression. Watched as the scale jumped to the highest it had been at 315. At this time I was beyond … [Read more...]

EatSmart Precision CalPal Digital Bathroom Scale Review

I have personally struggled with my weight most my life. This has caused me not to only suffer from depression but also anxiety. I have discovered not long ago, that weight issues and anxiety go hand in hand. My anxiety was so severe when we would go anywhere, my stomach would turn in knots and I would have to go to the bathroom. This made family time pretty much impossible. I remember attempting to go eat out, and within the first 10 minutes I would be in the restroom. I would be in there several more times before we finished up and left. I remember I would sit there and try to rush my family, I would be having bad hot flashes, and knew as soon as we left my stomach would tell me to get to the bathroom. I would have to race home in hopes I didn't have an accident in my pants. When I worked outside of the home, I would start having panic attacks, they would get so bad I would have to hold on to something to keep from passing out. I knew if I wanted to stop having bad attacks I … [Read more...]

Saving Money While Losing Weight

Losing weight can be tough! It seems like the more you attempt to eat healthy and exercise the more it costs! However, losing weight doesn't have to be costly. You can still lose weight all while saving money! Follow my tips below to reduce the size of your waist while increasing the size of your wallet. Drop the Gym Membership Are you crazy drop the gym membership! How do you expect me to lose weight without the gym? Instead of paying for a gym membership, set up a small gym in your home. Not only will this save you money by removing the membership costs, it will also save you money on gas. You won't have an excuse not to workout because you can always find time in your day while at home to hit the weights. This means fatter wallet skinnier waist, I call this a win win all the way around. Use Coupons If you need a membership to the gym for whatever reason, at least find a gym that has discounts or coupon deals. Losing weight shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. I know for me when … [Read more...]

Lose Weight The Safe Way With Almased

With having struggled with my weight for a good part of my life, I jump to try new products that can help me with weight loss. We all know the main two things to losing weight is diet and exercise. When I say diet, I don't mean starving yourself, I mean changing how you eat. Removing processed foods and only taking in those healthy calories. However, manufactures have made sure this task on Americans is difficult. I mean candy bars, ice cream, potato chips, and even bread are a few of my main grabbers when life throws a curve ball at me, and if you'll look at the calorie count, ingredients, and the fact it don't fill you up, you to will see it's a waste of calories. I will admit I love to eat and one of the hardest parts for me when it comes to losing weight is my calorie count. I love eating so much I dropped the tea, soda, and coffee and my main drink now is water, I mean why do I want to drink my calories! However, not long ago I was introduced to Almased. Now, I love to … [Read more...]

One Of The Hardest Things in Life Losing Weight

One of the easiest things in life is gaining weight! Manufacturing companies have made it a lot easier for people to gain the weight, by marketing items that are loaded with additives, chemicals, and more additives. They have found fun ways to market to our children, and other ways to hid some of the nutrient facts. They use big fancy words so us dumb people think it's okay to consume. I have yo-yoed with my weight for many years, in 8th grade I remember hitting 185 on the scale, it got to the point I refused to step on the scale. Before I knew it I hit 285, this was one of the hardest things for me. I didn't want to be fat, but I was clueless with how to lose weight, I didn't eat much, I walked a lot but nothing seemed to work. So I looked for that miracle drug. What I found was Redux. Redux was my miracle pill, I would take a pill and I would magically lose weight. After stopping the pill due to a recall, I noticed I was still losing weight and managed to go from 285 to … [Read more...]