My Thoughts On Diet And Exercise Programs

I have been battling my weight for a while now. I’ve also made a lot of progress. I know these things take time, and not every exercise program suits everybody. However, I do my fair share of exercise, and I’ve been building some lean muscle lately. This means I feel fitter and stronger than I did when I started. I’ve been looking into a number of different ways to continue my success.

I know that lean muscle helps me to burn fat more efficiently. There are also plenty of different fat burner supplements on the market I could use to help with this. I’m keen to keep up the good work with my diet, though. I’m particularly interested in eating more fresh foods. When I went to learn more about HCG diet drops, I found out that the combination of fresh foods I eat could be important.

Some diets like HCG suggest you only eat one type of vegetable per meal to ensure rapid weight loss. Elsewhere, you hear that you need to eat your five a day and that those five should be all be different. It’s difficult to know what to do, but I can see the sense in both opinions. Digesting one type of food only is much easier than a whole host of different things.

Picture thanks to Alan Cleaver at

Picture thanks to Alan Cleaver at

My exercise program is definitely having some success. As I shed the pounds, I feel more confident about eventually taking on other exercises. Of course, there are several different schools of thought on this too. For some people, it’s all about the cardio. Raising the heart and breathing rates is thought to burn lots of fat while increasing your stamina. Others rely heavily on weights. This tones and sculpts the body. The lean muscle mass increases your metabolism to burn better away the fat.

With so many different ways of thinking, it’s a wonder any of us ever lose weight! Still, any advice on these issues is usually welcome by someone with a weight problem. There are times for all of us when we’ll try anything just to see some results. It really annoys me when they don’t work despite all my effort, but there is always the next thing to try.

Of all the diets I’ve looked at, the ones that interest me the most are the ones that are most nourishing. Sure, there are fasting options and vegetable-only options, but I worry about my nutrition a lot. I want to be healthy, not just thin. I know that fruit and vegetables provide lots of the vitamins and minerals I might need in a day. So when do you cheat and just use a multivitamin supplement? It’s a tough call.

I love my body no matter what health problems I have or what size I end up. It does some amazing things for me, so I owe it to look after it. And I will. One way or another, this weight will come off, and I will be fitter and healthier than ever. Keep up the good work.

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