The 7 Worst Excuses To Ditch Fitness

Most people have a love/hate relationship when they first start with fitness. Fitness is the solution to their health and body problems. But more importantly, fitness demands hard work, dedication and motivation, which can take the time to build up. Motivation is a habit, and like most habits, you need to practice until it becomes natural to do so. Unfortunately, it’s where a lot of people fail. Most follow their fitness program for the first few weeks and then find themselves lacking the dedication to continue, either because it is too time-demanding, or because they don’t see the dreamed results fast enough. Below is a list of the 7 worst excuses that everyone who starts on a fitness journey can be guilty of using. Use this if you find yourself finding excuses not to work out a little too often.

#1. I Can’t See The Results

Putting on weight takes time. So it’s only natural that your body doesn’t get hyper fit after the first workout. Losing weight is a work of patience. If you don’t invest time and efforts in yourself, you will never be able to achieve your goal. There are different ways to deal with this problem. You can divide your weight loss journey into steps and allow yourself rewards for the bigger steps. This is the slow path. But if you prefer the fast-paced journey, here’s how I learned how to build muscle fast, with a strict diet and disciplined workouts. I saw quick results, but beware: This demanding fitness journey is not for everyone. Your body will burn its fat content and develop its muscle mass so that you will rapidly appear toned and strong.

#2. It’s Too Painful

Fitness shouldn’t be painful. But as you exercise your muscles, it’s normal to experience some soreness as you help them to grow. However, getting fit doesn’t have to come with pain. If you consider fitness as a form of body maintenance, there is no reason for it to cause you sorrow. If you experience any pain as you exercise, it’s a sign that you are doing something wrong. Your best bet is to talk to a professional trainer and go through selected movements to help your body build strength and burn fat. You may find yourself out of breath and covered in sweat, as it’s part of a fat blasting program.

#3. I Don’t Have Time

It can be easy to think that you can’t put exercise in your busy schedule. But it’s a mistake. All you need is 30 minutes to reach results if you set your mind on an effective workout plan. What is an effective workout plan, you ask? It’s anything that gets you moving, from an energetic yoga session to skipping in the garden. Everyone can find 30 minutes in their day, assuming that you set your priorities right. Is it going to be your favorite TV show or a quick run in town? In the end, the choice is yours, but you should always ask yourself what you would rather have: A toned and strong body or a perfect knowledge of your daily soap opera.

#4. I Like Food Too Much

Food is yummy. Cookies, donuts, pizza, gooey cheesy tacos, and much more. It’s impossible to resist all the flavors! But what are really those flavors? Food that is high in sugar and fat content creates a deposit on your taste buds and changes the way your brain approaches food. It creates an addiction that pushes you to consume more sugary and fatty foods. Additionally, the deposit on your taste buds disturbs the way your food tastes. You need more than finding delicious and healthy recipes, you need to stick to them for long enough for your taste buds to regain their full abilities. Food is not your enemy when it comes to fitness. It’ only processed and unhealthy food that is a problem.

#5. My Life Is Too Stressful At The Moment

Most people who ditch their fitness program claim that they can’t focus on it because they are going through a lot of stress in their life. In reality, stress is everywhere, so you can’t just use it as a way to get rid of your fitness resolutions. But there’s one thing that is worth noting: While stress is everywhere, it can only impact your well-being if you allow it to. In other words, accepting that you are under pressure and letting this feeling take over your life is what creates the stress you complain about. Not exercising will not make it go out. You’ll be surprised to find out that workouts are a great recipe against stress. Releasing the negative energy and pumping your body will produce endorphin, the happiness hormone, is one of the stress-killing abilities of fitness. Don’t miss out on it!

#6. I’m Too Tired To Workout

I can’t workout now: I’m too tired to exercise. Do you believe that? Because you shouldn’t! In fact, exercise is known to improve your energy so the more your exercise, the better your body becomes at maximizing its energy. What does it mean? It means that exercising improves your metabolism. You don’t feel sluggish anymore, and consequently, you feel energized. Additionally, you increase the blood and the oxygen flow in your body. In other words, you think faster, you recover better after your workout, and your body can increase its own performance. So, to put things clear: You feel tired because you don’t exercise any physical activity. Resting on the sofa is not the way to get better, on the contrary!

#7. I’ll Do It Tomorrow

How often have you used that excuse, and how often have you actually stuck to your words? I’ll do it tomorrow is the beginning of procrastination. If you postpone your efforts, it’s likely that you will never start, because there is always a tomorrow and another that wait for you to start. Don’t hope that tomorrow will bring a better day. Instead, you need to find the motivation today. The most difficult, when it comes to fitness, is to take the first step. The earlier you take it, the better it will be.

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