Don’t Feel Confident At The Gym? Here’s How You Can Wave Goodbye To Those Insecurities

Confidence is a mysterious thing. Some people just seem to have it, whilst other people lack it entirely. It can be worked on and built up in a matter of days for some, while others have to grow their confidence over a number of years. Confidence hugely affects many aspects of our lives, from our friendships to our relationships to our career prospects. But one place where many people feel they lack confidence is in the gym. Most young women are health/body conscious, and this means that a huge proportion of us attend the gym on a regular basis. But for a lot of us it can be a very daunting experience - sometimes to the extent that we actually back out and don't go at all. Attending the gym should be something everyone should be able to do without even thinking about it. Plus, chances are, all your insecurities about that dreaded place are totally in your head. Read on to find out about some common gym phobias and what you can do to overcome them. 'I don't look good in my gym … [Read more...]

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

One of the most frustrating things in life is attempting to lose weight and finding it impossible to do so. In many cases, people who carry excess pounds are committing various errors that preclude them from getting rid of the extra weight. Luckily, discovering what these errors are can help you make the positive changes necessary to reach your ideal weight. With that idea in mind, consider whether you're committing any of these weight loss errors: 1. You Have An Undiagnosed Condition. As many health experts know, diseases can preclude people from shedding excess weight. And in many cases, people are living with undiagnosed conditions that do this very thing. However, online organizations like Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. provide people with a wide range of testing kits which can help them figure out which disease is hampering their health. In addition to offering IFA kits, the company provides testing kits for HIV, cancer, and diabetes. 2. You're Not Diversifying … [Read more...]

Weight Loss – How To Do It Naturally

Everyone would like to lose weight and therein lays a big problem. As most people are obsessed with losing weight, they cut corners. In the end, they are only bothered about losing weight as quickly and as easily as possible. But, as most experts will tell you, these methods are usually ineffective and hazardous to your health. When it comes to losing weight, you want to do it naturally. Then, the weight will stay off, and you won’t harm your health in the process. Follow the tips below and you will start to lose weight naturally and organically. #1: Drink Plenty Of Water Water is a great at helping you lose weight because it makes you feel full. Drink enough water and your stomach will feel ready for popping, which is a good sign! It means that you don’t need to eat as much, which in turn will cut out the extra calories. If you ever feel yourself hankering for a snack, go for a glass of water instead. #2: Drink Plenty Of Tea Green tea and cinnamon tea are full of fat … [Read more...]

My Thoughts On Diet And Exercise Programs

I have been battling my weight for a while now. I’ve also made a lot of progress. I know these things take time, and not every exercise program suits everybody. However, I do my fair share of exercise, and I’ve been building some lean muscle lately. This means I feel fitter and stronger than I did when I started. I’ve been looking into a number of different ways to continue my success. I know that lean muscle helps me to burn fat more efficiently. There are also plenty of different fat burner supplements on the market I could use to help with this. I’m keen to keep up the good work with my diet, though. I’m particularly interested in eating more fresh foods. When I went to learn more about HCG diet drops, I found out that the combination of fresh foods I eat could be important. Some diets like HCG suggest you only eat one type of vegetable per meal to ensure rapid weight loss. Elsewhere, you hear that you need to eat your five a day and that those five should be all be different. … [Read more...]

Battling the Scales

It seems I have been battling the scales for awhile now. As soon as I get in the 250's the scale goes right back up. I know that it's muscle building, because I have been on a body analyzer, and it shows the amount of fat I have lost. I have decided to take a new approach at things to see if it helps the scales move. I will be eating a raw diet for awhile, so my body can get the needed nutrients it needs, while keeping in check with a low calorie intake. I know my food intake has not been that great lately, however, I am getting back on track! I know if I want to lose all this fat and get to my goal weight of 160, I must work for it. Nothing in life comes easy except fat. I have both my husband and daughter on board, and she has been begging for mixed greens and black eyed peas. I will not let the scales win! With being insulin resistant it's extremely important that I keep as much sugar as I can out of my diet, and work to lose weight.   … [Read more...]

Kick The Bad Habits To The Curb

Do you have what it takes to kick bad habits to the curb? I would like to think I do, however, I don't. I have kicked many bad habits to the curb, but some habits are harder to kick. One bad habit I kicked to the curb was smoking, once I kicked the habit to the curb, I ended up gaining a bunch of weight. Over the last year or so I have kicked soda to the curb, most my fluid intake is water. I still drink a soda here and there, however, I don't crave soda any longer. I do crave sweets once in awhile, but if I stay away from sugar I don't crave as much. I have also removed a lot of processed foods from my diet, not all but most. With Summer just around the corner, it's time to kick all those bad habits to the curb and pick up some good habits. Exercising is a great habit to pick up. I have found that when I workout in the morning I have energy throughout the day. I also found when I workout in the evening hours, I sleep so much better. It is amazing how much exercising can … [Read more...]

Four Issues That Affect Weight Loss

Many people count calories and work out each day, but they still do not lose weight. There are four reasons why the pounds won‘t go away. Focus On Relaxing According to a study, when people think about exercising, they usually eat 50 percent more snacks throughout a day. Before a workout, the calorie limit must be no more than 150. Drink More Water Although water keeps you hydrated, it also promotes weight loss. By drinking a bottle of water before dinner, portion management will be much easier. Also, there was a study that discovered that cool drinking water increases metabolism. This is possible because the water discourages sugary drink cravings. Try New Activities A 15-minute stroll is an effective fat-burning routine, but it doesn’t give people dramatic results. So, consider taking a 30-minute stroll instead. Other efficient fat and calories burning activities include hiking, spin class, circuit training, interval training, and running. Eat Healthy Foods Wisely Whole wheat … [Read more...]

Battling the Scales an Everyday Struggle

I have struggles with my weight almost all my life. I remember in 8th grade I tipped the scale at 180 and after entering high school I jumped up to almost 285 by graduation. It didn't matter what I did I couldn't for the life of me lose weight. My mom would make me walk the block, climb the stairs and even walk miles a day. The weight went no where, I wouldn't say I ate bad and I know I got plenty of exercise, I mean I was an 80's kid we rode bikes everywhere. When I was 17 my mom decided to have me put on a weight loss pill. A few months after starting the pill it was recalled. I dropped a few pounds while I was taking it and when I turned 18, I got a job in a busy buffet working the line. I was working 40+ hours a week, and without noticing must I dropped down to 205 pounds. This was the lowest weight in my adulthood. I then got pregnant, had my daughter and went through depression. Watched as the scale jumped to the highest it had been at 315. At this time I was beyond … [Read more...]

Challenge a Friend To WorkOut With You

Working out can be so blah. I try to do three workouts a day, each workout being 5 miles on the bike, 30 curls with 10 pound weights, 20 deadlifts, and 20 triceps. However, I find myself skipping a workout here and there and to be honest, I don't like it. So to help me keep my motivation, I decided to challenge my husband. Each day we will have a different challenge and different goals that need to be met. Of course he uses heavier weights then I do, so it makes it a bit more fair on my end. Since he dislikes the bike I only gave him 5 miles to do, however, I will be getting in 15 because I like to start the bike and when I am done I go on to my weights. I think this will help us both stay on the right track. Losing weight can be so difficult because you want to eat, eat, and eat more. My biggest weakness is sweets and that is something I am going to learn to control. I want to completely give up all added sugar, however, I am also finding this hard to do because I like having … [Read more...]

2015 Weight Loss Goals

I don't update this site as much as I would like. I am hoping in 2015 I can become a better weight loss blogger. In 2014, even though I didn't update, I did continue to work out and as a result I lost 60 pounds. I could have lost more, however, I will take the 60 pound lost over a gain any day. Don't get me wrong I did have several gains in between the losses, but 60 of those pounds stayed off. I went from a size 32 jean to a 24/26 and I couldn't be happier. My hips went from 67 to 59!!! In 2015, I am going to continue working out, continue eating better than before and attempt to stay away from all those sweets. I have a weakness when it comes to sweets and I tend to over indulge. With the winter months here I also have fell victim to coffee, I just cannot help it, it's so good and a nice treat when the temps are so cold. Once summer comes again I will go to strictly water, but until then I am going to enjoy my coffee! So for 2015 my goals are to drink more water, work … [Read more...]