Don’t Feel Confident At The Gym? Here’s How You Can Wave Goodbye To Those Insecurities

Confidence is a mysterious thing. Some people just seem to have it, whilst other people lack it entirely. It can be worked on and built up in a matter of days for some, while others have to grow their confidence over a number of years. Confidence hugely affects many aspects of our lives, from our friendships to our relationships to our career prospects. But one place where many people feel they lack confidence is in the gym. Most young women are health/body conscious, and this means that a huge proportion of us attend the gym on a regular basis. But for a lot of us it can be a very daunting experience – sometimes to the extent that we actually back out and don’t go at all. Attending the gym should be something everyone should be able to do without even thinking about it. Plus, chances are, all your insecurities about that dreaded place are totally in your head. Read on to find out about some common gym phobias and what you can do to overcome them.

‘I don’t look good in my gym clothes’

This is a common one that many girls face. Many of us grow up with the mentality that everyday’s a catwalk, and taking pride in your appearance is something that can be fun and creative. But is it always appropriate to carry this mentality over to your workout? If you are spending too much time worrying about what you look like, your fitness regime could actually be affected. This is because you will be less inclined to throw yourself into it for fear of looking bad. Most gym clothes are tight in order to streamline you and make movement easier, so focus on the positives of that – remember, everyone is in the same boat. If you need to jazz up your workout gear, click here in order to kit yourself out. You’ll feel confident and stylish, but still ready to smash that workout.

‘I don’t know what I’m doing with the machines’

There have been so many advances in technology over the last few years that gyms are now packed to the brim with expensive, fancy equipment. From treadmills to steppers, the elliptical to a stationary bike, they all work in different ways and come with various programs to follow. If you get embarrassed trying to function a machine or worry that you are doing it wrong, try not to stress. If you’ve never used one before, there’s no guarantee that you’ll simply be able to work it out. Don’t be shy and ask for help. Plus, most gyms offer a free induction when you join to show you how everything works.

‘I’m clearly not as fit as other people’

Sometimes, natural curiosity gets the better of us and we can’t help having a good look at the other people in the gym. There are the buff guys in the weights section, and the ripped women plowing through a HIIT session like it’s no sweat at all. This can often make us feel very self-conscious if we are at a different level of fitness. But it’s important to remember that everyone has to start somewhere. Some people come to the gym to get ripped; others come to simply maintain the weight they are happy with. Stop stressing about what other people think and only compare yourself to the person you were before you started training.

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