FTC has once again changed how we as bloggers disclose content on our sites. While the disclosure at the bottom of the post once was acceptable, now the FTC also wants us to disclose before any click-able link. Therefor, you will now see a discloser at the top of each post.

Here on Dizzy Mommy Chronicles, you’ll find many types of posts ranging from personal posts to sponsored posts. Often times, these posts will have some sort of link in them. These links will range from affiliate links to sponsored links, and just because you see a link DOESN’T mean I was or will receive compensation for it.

Here is a break down of the articles and links you will find on Dizzy Mommy Chronicles.

Sponsored Post- While these posts are written by me they may contain links in which I received payment for. Just because I received payment doesn’t mean it’s not my own opinion, thoughts, or feelings.

Reviews- Here on Dizzy Mommy Chronicles, you may find reviews on weight loss products. Remember this is my opinion on the product not yours. I don’t expect my opinion to be the same as everyone else’s opinion. Just because a product maybe a good fit for me, doesn’t mean it will be a good fit for you. I do not claim product will be perfect for everyone.

Guest Posts – Just because an article is labeled guest post, doesn’t mean I received compensation for it, it means I wanted to offer my readers an article I thought they would enjoy.

Affiliate Links- As stated above posts will often contain affiliate links, just because one clicks a link doesn’t mean I will receive compensation.

Third party advertisers may use cookies to track your website viewing and give you the best advertisement possible. Dizzy Mommy Chronicles, nor Google is responsible for these third party data transfers.

All posts written by me are always my honest opinion. Since we are all different your opinion will vary from mine, just because I like a product doesn’t mean I expect you to like the same product.

Please keep in mind when you place your email address in the comment box, your email address maybe picked up by spam bots. Dizzy Mommy Chronicles, cannot be held liable if this is to happen.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.