Battling the Scales

It seems I have been battling the scales for awhile now. As soon as I get in the 250’s the scale goes right back up. I know that it’s muscle building, because I have been on a body analyzer, and it shows the amount of fat I have lost. I have decided to take a new approach at things to see if it helps the scales move.

I will be eating a raw diet for awhile, so my body can get the needed nutrients it needs, while keeping in check with a low calorie intake.

I know my food intake has not been that great lately, however, I am getting back on track! I know if I want to lose all this fat and get to my goal weight of 160, I must work for it. Nothing in life comes easy except fat. I have both my husband and daughter on board, and she has been begging for mixed greens and black eyed peas.

I will not let the scales win! With being insulin resistant it’s extremely important that I keep as much sugar as I can out of my diet, and work to lose weight.


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