My Thoughts On Diet And Exercise Programs

I have been battling my weight for a while now. I’ve also made a lot of progress. I know these things take time, and not every exercise program suits everybody. However, I do my fair share of exercise, and I’ve been building some lean muscle lately. This means I feel fitter and stronger than I did when I started. I’ve been looking into a number of different ways to continue my success. I know that lean muscle helps me to burn fat more efficiently. There are also plenty of different fat burner supplements on the market I could use to help with this. I’m keen to keep up the good work with my diet, though. I’m particularly interested in eating more fresh foods. When I went to learn more about HCG diet drops, I found out that the combination of fresh foods I eat could be important. Some diets like HCG suggest you only eat one type of vegetable per meal to ensure rapid weight loss. Elsewhere, you hear that you need to eat your five a day and that those five should be all be different. … [Read more...]

Options to Add Health to Your Daily Life

Getting healthy is an important thing for people to do, whether they are already well or wanting to get well. The key is to find the right way to add health to your lifestyle without turning your diet and exercise routine upside down. The key is to start with a little at a time, then you can add more healthful foods and actions later. Here are some easy ways to add healthy habits to your daily life. Exchange One Processed Food for One Natural Food Millions of people consume highly processed foods every day because they are affordable and taste good. However, many are not good for your overall health, especially if your diet is more than 50 percent processed foods. Exchanging just one processed food for a natural one, such as fruits and vegetables, can help you move to a healthier diet without much effort. If you want even more healthy items in your diet without making a huge change, you can also try to add natural health supplements to get all of your vitamins and minerals each … [Read more...]

The Little Things

I know I said I was going to update my progress nightly, however, sometimes by the time it's bedtime, I am so sleepy I am not even thinking to get on here and do a post, I am wanting to curl in bed with my husband under the nice warm blankets and sleep. I haven't been doing the three workouts like I started out doing, I am wanting to give my body a small break, but not a long enough one to get to use to not working out again. Yesterday, I added more to my first two workouts to make up for the third one being missing. However, I am working out for longer times during 1 and 2 so it is still as if I am doing 3 but I am in burn calorie mode longer in workout 1 and 2. Workout for December 10th #1 @ 12:30pm 20 overhead presses 30 kettle bell swings 20 deadlifts 30 curls 5 miles on the bike #2 @ 4pm 20 overhead presses 30 curls 35 kettle bell swings 20 deadlifts 3 miles on the bike. Tuesday was a slow day for me with workout, I did go and walk around the … [Read more...]

Weigh In Time

You think I done gave up don’t-cha! Hah not me. I did take a break Sunday, my body was in desperate need. However, come Monday, I got right back into it.  I did forget to post an update though, so here is Monday's update. You already know I use 15 pound kettle bells, and 10 pound dumbbells. Monday's Workout #1 @ 9:20am 20 overhead presses 30 curls 20 dead lifts 5 miles on bike 20 kettle bell swings #2 @ 12:50pm 30 Kettle bell swings 20 deadlifts 20 overhead presses 20 curls 5 miles on bike #3 @ 6pm 30 kettlebell swings 20 deadlifts 20 overhead presses 20 curls 5 miles on bike Total Workout 70 curls 80 swings 15 miles on bike 60 deadlifts 60 overhead presses This morning was weigh in, and I am down 7 pounds in 12 days! Woot! I will be taking measurements later and will post inches lost this evening. In the past week I am down 2 pounds, most weight lost was in the first week of working out because I shocked my body. … [Read more...]