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With having struggled with my weight for a good part of my life, I jump to try new products that can help me with weight loss. We all know the main two things to losing weight is diet and exercise. When I say diet, I don’t mean starving yourself, I mean changing how you eat. Removing processed foods and only taking in those healthy calories.

However, manufactures have made sure this task on Americans is difficult. I mean candy bars, ice cream, potato chips, and even bread are a few of my main grabbers when life throws a curve ball at me, and if you’ll look at the calorie count, ingredients, and the fact it don’t fill you up, you to will see it’s a waste of calories.

I will admit I love to eat and one of the hardest parts for me when it comes to losing weight is my calorie count. I love eating so much I dropped the tea, soda, and coffee and my main drink now is water, I mean why do I want to drink my calories!

However, not long ago I was introduced to Almased. Now, I love to drink my calories, because the calories I am drinking are healthy for me, and they allow me to stay within a certain calorie count for the day.

Almased is a meal replacement drink and if you include healthy meals and working out in the mix, one can do quite well. Almased is made up of fermented soy protein, skim milk yogurt powder, and honey enzymes. It contains NO stimulates, fat burners, cholesterol, sugars, preservatives, starches, fillers, artificial flavorings or colors, and it’s gluten-free.

If you mix it with water one serving is only 180 calories and has 27 grams of protein, this drink alone will keep you full for at least 4 hours. I have been using this product for almost 4 weeks now. I side tracked a little around about week 3, however I am back on track and have dropped 12.5 pounds!

I have noticed while doing the Almased diet and removing a large amount of sugar from my diet I don’t get as hungry and when I eat I am not over eating. My day usually begins with a Almased shake, I love my shake mixed with spinach, lemon juice and a little safflower oil.

meal replacement shake

The Energetic Nutrition’s blog has some great information about Almased as well as many great recipes on how to add Almased to your diet. The spinach one is one of my favorites because it doesn’t taste bad and is low in calories and I am aiming to burn more calories a day then I intake. When I have an urge for something sweet I go for a Monkey Smoothie. This one is a little higher in calories, but it’s filling and takes away my urge to grab junk food.

If you have been considering Almased to help you rid yourself of some unwanted pounds check out Energetic Nutrition, they have some of the cheapest prices and the freshes product because they don’t go through 3rd parties to get their products, they deal directly with the manufacture. I personally love the company and the product!

Make sure to follow Energetic Nutrition on their social media channels you never know when they might post a deal on Almased or even another great recipe that is a must try!

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