Battling the Scales an Everyday Struggle

I have struggles with my weight almost all my life. I remember in 8th grade I tipped the scale at 180 and after entering high school I jumped up to almost 285 by graduation.

It didn’t matter what I did I couldn’t for the life of me lose weight. My mom would make me walk the block, climb the stairs and even walk miles a day. The weight went no where, I wouldn’t say I ate bad and I know I got plenty of exercise, I mean I was an 80’s kid we rode bikes everywhere.

When I was 17 my mom decided to have me put on a weight loss pill. A few months after starting the pill it was recalled. I dropped a few pounds while I was taking it and when I turned 18, I got a job in a busy buffet working the line. I was working 40+ hours a week, and without noticing must I dropped down to 205 pounds. This was the lowest weight in my adulthood.

I then got pregnant, had my daughter and went through depression. Watched as the scale jumped to the highest it had been at 315. At this time I was beyond depressed, however, I didn’t have a clue on what to do next. I did nothing, I managed to get down again to 259, only to quit smoking and gain it all back.

I watched the scale yet again climb to 315. Talk about depressing, talk about losing hope, talk about feeling like a failure. Over the years I would lose a few pounds, then gain it all back, lose a few and gain it all back. This yo-yo went on for 5 years.

In 2014, I learned all good things don’t come to those who sit on their ass and do nothing. I started to change the things I ate, don’t get me wrong you give me some dairy queen I was going to eat it, fast food, yup I will take some of that as well. However, I learned how to stop instead of continuing to eat even though I wasn’t hungry.

I started to exercise and finally I started to see the pounds come off. I went through some family issues and would gain some back, however, I always found myself again. 2013/2014 were the two hardest years of my life, however, I got through them. In 2014, I managed to lose 60 pounds even with the bouncing scale.

I am currently at my weight I was at back in 2008 right before I gave up cigarettes and I am feeling better then ever! I workout several times a day, each workout I include weights and the exercise bike. My goal is to get to my pre-pregnancy weight by this summer.

What are somethings you do to keep you motivated?

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