Party On! – 7 Exciting and Affordable Kid’s Party Ideas

Birthday parties are exciting growing up and, as a parent, you want to throw the most memorable event of the year! This can undoubtedly grow costly, and planning can become quite the headache. Here are seven kid’s party ideas that will keep your birthday girl or boy feeling special without breaking the bank: Martial Arts Parties This idea may seem new to some. However, even if you aren’t a hardcore martial artist, spending a birthday at a gym can be an excellent way to have some fun and learn some new skills. For instance, with a Krav Maga kids’ birthday party, you have options for anti-bullying for children to learn self-defense tricks or team-building parties that are fun for kids of all ages. Martial arts parties can be tailored to your group, so everyone feels involved and engaged for a price comparable to that of other entertainment venues. Chef Parties Children love to be involved in the kitchen, and a little chef party can be the perfect way for them to explore their … [Read more...]

How Games Can Help Defeat Mom Brain

Mothers have it tough. The stress that comes along with taking care of a toddler and slowly watching him or her grow into a mature, responsible adult is enough to dull even the sharpest of minds. This condition, which we'll call mom brain, is associated with a few key symptoms: • You call your children by their sibling's names. • You cannot successfully complete a trip to the grocery store without a list. • You lose your keys at least once a day. • You use your baby voice whenever someone says something positive – including other adults. • Occasionally, you find your keys in the refrigerator. • You freak out about utility bills you already paid – because you forgot paying for them. These all indicate the onset of mom brain. But don't worry, even though taking care of your little ones occupies almost all your time and more than your fair share of mental stress, there are ways to keep sharp. Games Aren't Just for the Kids As a mom, you know games. Games are going to be a way … [Read more...]

Getting smart with Hunting tattoos and designs

If you love hunting and find it a truly rewarding passion, you might be tempted to get a tattoo in honor of your pastime. You don't have to get a real tattoo though, many great custom temporary tattoos can be found at Today we will be listing some ideas for your hunting tattoo! Your best hunt: A lot of people like to remember the time they downed the prize buck, or got a particularly nice shot on a target. Consider having the animal tattooed onto your skin with maybe a date or a nickname you have given the day alongside it. It would make a great conversation piece when relaxing at the bar, or comparing kills with your friends when on the way to another hunt! Active camouflage: Tattoo artists are getting insanely good at getting intricate detail into their tattoos. This has led to a large amount of people getting high performance tattoos of natural foliage and camo on their arms. This will let your arms breathe in the hot summer months and will save you money … [Read more...]

Excellent Ideas For Keeping Your Kids Entertained This Easter

With the Easter holidays just around the corner, most parents will need some ideas for keeping their kids entertained. The last thing you want is for them to spend the entire break in their bedrooms using their Play Stations. So, you need to think outside of the box and plan some activities ahead of time. You don’t have to choose any of the things mentioned in this post if they don’t seem appealing. I’m just trying to inspire you and show you that getting out of the house is much better than lounging around in front of the TV. Visit a theme park Many different theme parks in the UK will put a smile on your child’s face. You just need to take a look at the facilities and work out which is best for their age group. If you have small children, it’s wise to avoid teenager attractions with lots of roller coasters. Instead, you should opt for something that caters to all ages. Blackpool Pleasure Beach is an excellent place to visit for family days out, and there’s lots of information … [Read more...]

Fantastic Themes For A Child’s Birthday Party

If you are planning your child's’ birthday party, there is a lot to take into consideration. There is probably more to think about than you would imagine. For instance, you have to make sure there is suitable food for all and that you have transport if you are taking the guests to a venue. You see, already it is getting more complicated. But I know the easiest way of planning a kids party and that is choosing a theme, then running with it at home. Here are some great ones that you can choose from. Princess Party When you write the invitations, specify it’s a princess party and that the guests should dress up accordingly. You can basically get this kind of kids party in a box from Just Pretend Kids. They offer up a collection of items that will make your party complete like themed cups and plates. After that you need to decide the type of activities the kids can participate in while you prepare the food in the kitchen. One such activity could be choosing the best princess and offering … [Read more...]

Finding Love On-line

I received compensation for this post, however, all opinions are my own. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, often times it can be hard to mingle or find your one true love. Many people are turning to the Internet to help them fill that void. My husband and I met on-line 14 years ago, back then on-line dating hadn't really taken off. Now you will find several sites that will help you find that one perfect match for you. is a casual dating site, that is helping women find that one thing they're missing. With over 40 million real members from all over the globe, it's easy for anyone to find a casual encounter in their area. AdultFriendFinder is free to sign up and explore, but if you would like to get in contact with other members there's a monthly fee, if you're not certain AFF is for you, they also offer a trial which is only $3. AFF takes on-line dating to a whole new level. AFF offers female members special perks not found on other dating … [Read more...]

Dog and Beth: On The Hunt

I have been a fan of Dog and Beth Chapman, since they first aired on A&E back in 2004. At the time their show was called Dog the Bounty Hunter. Duane Chapman and the crew became a household name when they fly to Mexico on the hunt for Andrew Luster. On June 18th, 2003; Duane Chapman made international news when he captured Andrew Luster, however, with the laws in Mexico this was an illegal capture. This capture made the crew famous, and their reality show was born. August 31st, 2004 was the first airing of Dog the Bounty Hunter, however, with the show would come family drama, and the crew still were not cleared of the charges stemming from the arrest of Andrew Luster. In 2006, the boys (Duane, Tim, and Leland) finally faced a judge, and they were looking at 3 years in a Mexico prison. Although, Andrew Luster was a fugitive, under Mexico laws he was protected from Bounty Hunters. On August 2, 2007 all charges against the crew were dropped. However, this was still a very … [Read more...]

ABC Soaps Back On Air

If you're a fan of ABC Soaps, then you know All My Children and One Life to Live were canceled by ABC. All My Children last aired the end of 2011, and One Life to Live was off the air the beginning of 2012. The cancellation of these shows, hit the soap opera community hard. Several Facebook groups popped up, and the boycotting began to try and save the soap operas before they were off the air for good. Boycotter's took to contacting companies that advertised with ABC during the hours All My Children and One Life to Live were on. Some companies ignored the calls and emails, while others wanted their few minutes of fame, and pulled their ads from ABC. A lot believe companies went this route to get free marketing. I honestly, cannot blame them, the fans were on a mission to save their soap operas and they were not going to back down. The fans were giving praise to the companies standing up to ABC and being there for the fans. Shortly, after the shows were canceled it was rumored … [Read more...]

Coming Soon to Theaters Thor: The Dark World

How many of you love the action-adventure comic book movies? Well, you're in luck, Thor: The Dark World will be coming to theaters November 8th, 2013. To get a sneak peek watch the trailer below. Thor: The Dark World Genre: Action-adventure Rating: TBD U.S.Release date: November 8, 2013 Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Stellan Skarsgård, Idris Elba, Christopher Eccleston, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Kat Dennings, Ray Stevenson, Zachary Levi, Tadanobu Asano, Jaimie Alexander with Rene Russo and Anthony Hopkins as Odin Director: Alan Taylor Producer: Kevin Feige Executive Producers: Alan Fine, Nigel Gostelow, Stan Lee, Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Craig Kyle Story by: Don Payne (credit not final) Screenplay by: Christopher Yost and Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely (credit not final) With you be going to see Thor: The Dark World on the big screen? Or will you be like me and waiting until it's released on DVD? … [Read more...]

What Is The Weather Like Where You Are

It has been miserable here in Tennessee the past few days! He have hit highs at almost 90 degrees, sad part it is only April. I am not looking forward to Summer, and I will be getting the pool up SOON. Today our daughter and the dog played in the sprinkler, that is how hot it was. We have been having to use the A/C because it just gets to hot and stuffy. That is one thing I don't like about Tennessee is the humidity. I could handle the heat as long as I could breath. We do have thunderstorms coming in, which will drop the temps by a lot, but for how long I have no idea. What is the weather like where you are? Still getting snow? What about the colder temps? Send some coolness my way please! On a different note, who all is ready for the great movies about to hit the theaters? My family is wanting to see The Lone Ranger! I have always been a fan on Johnny Depp, so I know we will love this movie! Check out the trailer below, and mark those calendars it hits theaters July … [Read more...]