Fantastic Themes For A Child’s Birthday Party

If you are planning your child's’ birthday party, there is a lot to take into consideration. There is probably more to think about than you would imagine. For instance, you have to make sure there is suitable food for all and that you have transport if you are taking the guests to a venue. You see, already it is getting more complicated. But I know the easiest way of planning a kids party and that is choosing a theme, then running with it at home. Here are some great ones that you can choose from. Princess Party When you write the invitations, specify it’s a princess party and that the guests should dress up accordingly. You can basically get this kind of kids party in a box from Just Pretend Kids. They offer up a collection of items that will make your party complete like themed cups and plates. After that you need to decide the type of activities the kids can participate in while you prepare the food in the kitchen. One such activity could be choosing the best princess and offering … [Read more...]

Beating the Summer Heat

Now that Summer is in full swing, it's time to find ways to keep those babies cool. While come may have swimming pools, others are left to find ways to keep themselves cool, all while having a little fun. If you cannot afford a pool, and you are looking for ways to get those kids active this summer all while also staying cool, here will will find a few alternatives, to having a little fun in the sun. Sprinkler - sprinklers are cheap and will give your kiddos hours of enjoyment. Not only will the be soaking up the water, they'll also be getting in some much needed exercise, while they run back and forth. Water Balloon Fights - While this isn't a activity for smaller children, this is a fun activity for those tweens, teens, and even those adults. We always like to get buckets, and we get all the water balloons ready, then we take our spots. Water balloon fights can be a lot of fun, just remember safety comes first, don't throw them to hard where they may hurt the person at the … [Read more...]

Holiday Cooking With Kids

Often times us adults tend to make holiday cooking stressful. However, what we are forgetting is the holidays are about being with family and friends. Things don't have to be perfect, so when it comes time to start that baking let the kids join in on the fun. Family time spent in the kitchen baking will be memories that stick with your child when you're gone. It doesn't matter the age of the child small simple tasks will put a smile on their faces. My daughter likes cracking the eggs, getting the items needed, stirring, and licking the bowl. I read the recipe, show her how to measure out the ingredients, and make sure everything runs smoothly. One thing you want to keep in mind when cooking with the kids, is to have fun. You might end up with a flat cake, or a burnt cookie, but the kids had a ball with you making those treats. Plus, you are not only having fun with your child, you are also teaching them important things they will need in life as they get older. They will also … [Read more...]

Huston Woods Annual Apple Butter Festival Oct. 6th & 7th

This weekend is the annual Apple Butter  Festival at Huston Woods State Park in Oxford, OH. The festival will take place at The Pioneer Farm  located at 6924 Brown Road, Oxford, OH 45056. The 49th annual festival is sponsored by the Oxford Museum Association with proceeds going to the maintenance and preservation of its properties (which includes the Pioneer Farm) and educational outreach. The stirring will take place and the sumptuous aromas will float over the Pioneer Farm at Hueston Woods State Park from 10:00AM to 5:00PM on Saturday, October 6 and Sunday, October 7. The admission fee is $2.00.  There is no charge for children under 12. The apple butter contains mostly peeled apples and apple cider. If you get there early, you might get some warm apple butter. Visitors are welcome (not to young, though) to come and help stir and can the product. Kettle corn, funnel cakes, and crafters with goods for sale will be available. Fresh cider is produced in New … [Read more...]

Kid-Friendly Crafts for the Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving gatherings involve the time-honored tradition of turkey and favored side dishes, but what are guests to do while waiting for dinner to be ready to consume? Here are three fun activities for guests of all ages to complete before it’s time to assemble around the table for the Thanksgiving feast. Provide Craft Materials Before settling on what crafts to provide for your guests, make sure you have the necessary materials for them to unleash some Thanksgiving creativity. Take a look around your house to see what you might already have in the cupboards and drawers, then purchase any other materials needed on sale to save a little extra cash. These craft materials can include: paint sponge brushes beads segments of hemp or leather stamps and ink felt or other fabric pieces markers cardstock and construction paper feathers adhesive, like tape or glue in different forms Once you have a good idea of the materials you already have or want to purchase, you … [Read more...]

Forget Snowmen! Pumpkin People Make Excellent Fall Decorations

While falling autumn leaves remind us that winter is coming, making snowmen outdoors is still weeks away. Instead, make pumpkin men, women and children for simple and fun decorations for Halloween or your Thanksgiving table. Pumpkin People Materials Needed Several small pumpkins of graduated sizes will make a variety of pumpkin people, as well as a selection of gourds and squash. Which ones you choose to make your pumpkin people out of depends on your preferences, but they will all be a lot of fun to make. Other materials that you need for this project include: black contact paper ribbons in a range of sizes and fall colors scissors craft glue hot glue gun raffia yarn fabric scraps doll hats or clothes, as desired buttons twist ties feathers markers paint Aside from the hot glue gun, these materials depend on personal preference and can be easily swapped out for other embellishments. Hunt around the nooks and crannies of your home to find the … [Read more...]

Day of The Dead with Kermit

With the day of the dead fast approaching, I thought I would share a fun coloring page you might like... … [Read more...]

Fun Weekend

How was your weekend? Let me show you a bit of what we did this weekend. We broke out the paints, and painted rocks! What better way to keep the kids entertained, then with some big rocks, some paints and some....Googly eyes! Some one forgot to tell my niece those eyes go on the ROCKS! Silly little girl anyways. I have to admit it was pretty nice having all my nieces together with my daughter. They got a bit loud, but they had fun, so that is all that mattered. After some rock fun we had a sleep over! Littlest pests, and squinkies will keep a girl quiet for hours, until you break out the picture of Santa by your tree, and the letter he wrote you. My daughter showed her cousins the letter Santa wrote, and my baby niece started crying, because Santa never left her a picture and letter. She said she guessed Santa liked my daughter more, because she was a better kid! I have to crack up at my baby niece, she says some pretty funny stuff! I could probably make a whole blog … [Read more...] Halloween Craft Giveaway

Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat. How about some glue, beads, paint, and googly eyes instead? With Halloween 4 weeks away it is time to get those decorations out and make your home spooky. But why purchase the decorations when you can make them, and enter in for a chance to win $25 Walmart gift card. If you are a crafty person, then break out all those arts and craft items,  and head over to Halloween craft section, and get to making some neat decorations.  Not to crafty and have nothing in the home to make anything with for Halloween? Well you're in luck, just released 8 limited edition Halloween kits, these kits are pretty sweet. They come with everything you need to make those craft projects. Once you have them made, make sure to take a picture, then head over to either their show and tell forum, or their facebook page, and upload your image. At the end of the month they will be picking a winner for the … [Read more...]

witch’s hand craft project #halloween

Won't be long and Halloween will be here! You know what that means, right? It means so are colder temperatures. Colder temperatures mean the kids will not be able to play outside for extended periods of time, so why not have some fun craft projects lined up for them! What a better way to help bring in Halloween, with making Witch's hands. Witch's hands are a fun and in-expensive craft, that children of all ages can do. Of course the smaller children will need help. Best part about this project, is you probably already have everything you need. What is needed: Green Construction Paper Black, Red, and Purple items such as, tissue paper, construction paper, or felt. Pens Glue Scissors Directions: Take one of the green construction papers, and trace your child's hand. This will be the base of the main product. Once you have the hand trace carefully cut out the hand. Use the colorful paper to decorate the hand. You will need some fingernails, we all know witches … [Read more...]