Dog and Beth: On The Hunt

I have been a fan of Dog and Beth Chapman, since they first aired on A&E back in 2004. At the time their show was called Dog the Bounty Hunter. Duane Chapman and the crew became a household name when they fly to Mexico on the hunt for Andrew Luster. On June 18th, 2003; Duane Chapman made international news when he captured Andrew Luster, however, with the laws in Mexico this was an illegal capture. This capture made the crew famous, and their reality show was born. August 31st, 2004 was the first airing of Dog the Bounty Hunter, however, with the show would come family drama, and the crew still were not cleared of the charges stemming from the arrest of Andrew Luster. In 2006, the boys (Duane, Tim, and Leland) finally faced a judge, and they were looking at 3 years in a Mexico prison. Although, Andrew Luster was a fugitive, under Mexico laws he was protected from Bounty Hunters. On August 2, 2007 all charges against the crew were dropped. However, this was still a very … [Read more...]