Getting smart with Hunting tattoos and designs


If you love hunting and find it a truly rewarding passion, you might be tempted to get a tattoo in honor of your pastime. You don’t have to get a real tattoo though, many great custom temporary tattoos can be found at Today we will be listing some ideas for your hunting tattoo!

Your best hunt:

A lot of people like to remember the time they downed the prize buck, or got a particularly nice shot on a target. Consider having the animal tattooed onto your skin with maybe a date or a nickname you have given the day alongside it. It would make a great conversation piece when relaxing at the bar, or comparing kills with your friends when on the way to another hunt!

Active camouflage:

Tattoo artists are getting insanely good at getting intricate detail into their tattoos. This has led to a large amount of people getting high performance tattoos of natural foliage and camo on their arms. This will let your arms breathe in the hot summer months and will save you money by not needing to buy a long sleeve camo top! You will blend right into the forest with the right tattoo, and look awesome at the same time. This is a guaranteed eye turner as not many folks have camo tattoos.

Favorite place to hunt:

If you have a particular hunting post or area that you love to hunt through, consider having an image of the scenic place tattooed. This will give you a great reminder of that wonderful place where you used to and still hunt whenever you can. Tattoo artists are getting better and better at capturing great details and if you pick your artist carefully you might end up having a photorealistic tattoo of your favorite place.

Memorialize a lost friend:

A lot of hunters take a dog out with them. They can help track animals and stop wounded targets from escaping. Unfortunately, dogs don’t have the long lifespan that we humans have and they often die too young. If you used to have a buddy who would go hunting with you and he has passed away, consider getting a tattoo of the loyal little guy. It will serve as a never ending reminder of the companionship and friendship you built over the years.

Your gun:

Why not have your rifle tattooed? Especially if you have used it for many years and it has become an extension of your arm! Customized guns are often truly unique and a lot of hunters have their favorite rifle or pistol tattooed to show their appreciation towards the tool.

Bear encounter:

Most hunters in certain parts of the world will sooner or later, encounter a bear. Luckily for you, you made it out without any damage. Not everyone is so lucky and your great escape will make a great tattoo design; you can always tell your buddies about the time you got lucky and show them the tattoo as well!

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