ABC Soaps Back On Air

If you’re a fan of ABC Soaps, then you know All My Children and One Life to Live were canceled by ABC. All My Children last aired the end of 2011, and One Life to Live was off the air the beginning of 2012.

The cancellation of these shows, hit the soap opera community hard. Several Facebook groups popped up, and the boycotting began to try and save the soap operas before they were off the air for good. Boycotter’s took to contacting companies that advertised with ABC during the hours All My Children and One Life to Live were on.

Some companies ignored the calls and emails, while others wanted their few minutes of fame, and pulled their ads from ABC. A lot believe companies went this route to get free marketing. I honestly, cannot blame them, the fans were on a mission to save their soap operas and they were not going to back down. The fans were giving praise to the companies standing up to ABC and being there for the fans.

Shortly, after the shows were canceled it was rumored that prospect park was going to purchase the shows and bring them back. Prospect Park had planned to turn our beloved soap operas into a show we could watch on-line. No one knew how this was going to happen, but they held hope that it was indeed going to happen.

Prospect Park, was up in the air on bringing back the soap operas, and then another rumor started that the shows were not coming back.

Well on April 29th, Prospect Park brought back All My Children and One Life to Live, this was great news to the soap opera community. All those that boycotted and that stuck to it, had won. They won the fight to keep their shows on air.

With being a fan myself of ABC Soaps, I was excited when I learned the shows came back this week, and I would be able to watch them on Hulu. Today, I decided I would see what was going on in Pine Valley and Laneview. Little did I know, I was about to be very disappointed.

While I thank Prospect Park for attempting to bring back our favorite daytime soaps, I think this may have been a huge mistake. I had a hard time getting through the first 10 minutes, and I ended up shutting it off. They both have several new characters, and the new actors/actresses are AWFUL.

With them being off air for so long, it may take a bit for the shows to get back into the groove of things, but I wish they would have left John, Todd, and Starr, be those characters on General Hospital. Instead of making ABC drop the names all together.

Is anyone else not feeling the new All My Children/One Life to Live?


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