Dog and Beth: On The Hunt

I have been a fan of Dog and Beth Chapman, since they first aired on A&E back in 2004. At the time their show was called Dog the Bounty Hunter. Duane Chapman and the crew became a household name when they fly to Mexico on the hunt for Andrew Luster.

On June 18th, 2003; Duane Chapman made international news when he captured Andrew Luster, however, with the laws in Mexico this was an illegal capture.

This capture made the crew famous, and their reality show was born. August 31st, 2004 was the first airing of Dog the Bounty Hunter, however, with the show would come family drama, and the crew still were not cleared of the charges stemming from the arrest of Andrew Luster.

In 2006, the boys (Duane, Tim, and Leland) finally faced a judge, and they were looking at 3 years in a Mexico prison. Although, Andrew Luster was a fugitive, under Mexico laws he was protected from Bounty Hunters. On August 2, 2007 all charges against the crew were dropped. However, this was still a very stressful and trying time for the Chapman family.

As the years continued, the family drama continued. In 2007, his son Tucker set his father up, knowing how his father is, he recorded a private conversation he had with his father. Some things that were said were not so nice, but this was a private conversation. Tucker needed some fast cash and sold the story to the tabloids. This lead to A&E removing the show from the air on November 2nd, 2007.

Fans were not happy with this decision and started to boycott the channel, A&E decided to bring the show back in the beginning of 2008.

When you are a celebrity, you really have to watch your every move. Everyone is out there to make a buck or two off you, and they care not who they hurt in the long run. However, family drama continued, and it looked as though the family was losing control of themselves. Baby Lisa was arrested and things started to go downhill.

Beth, was wanting the company to be ran a certain way and the Chapman boys were not liking the strict rules. in 2012, A&E finally pulled the plug on Dog the Bounty Hunter, and the last show aired on June 24, 2012.

This was a very sad day for all of Dog and Beth’s fans. The crew broke up, and tension between father and son got worse. Leland and Duane didn’t speak to eachother for along time, and they both went their separate ways. Thankfully, they decided life was to short, and found their way back to eachother.

While A&E didn’t want the crew, CMT did! CMT picked up Dog and Beth, for the reality show Dog and Beth: On the Hunt.

Dog and Beth was back on our TV’s on April 14th, 2013! Dog and Beth: On the Hunt, is a lot different from their previous show. They now travel the US helping other Bounty Hunters capture their bounties that are on the run, while helping better train them.

I have to say I like Dog and Beth: On the Hunter, better than their previous show Dog the Bounty Hunter. Not only is it a better show, if you don’t have some sort of cable TV you can watch full episodes on CMT’s website!

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