How Games Can Help Defeat Mom Brain

Mothers have it tough. The stress that comes along with taking care of a toddler and slowly watching him or her grow into a mature, responsible adult is enough to dull even the sharpest of minds. This condition, which we’ll call mom brain, is associated with a few key symptoms:

• You call your children by their sibling’s names.
• You cannot successfully complete a trip to the grocery store without a list.
• You lose your keys at least once a day.
• You use your baby voice whenever someone says something positive – including other adults.
• Occasionally, you find your keys in the refrigerator.
• You freak out about utility bills you already paid – because you forgot paying for them.

These all indicate the onset of mom brain. But don’t worry, even though taking care of your little ones occupies almost all your time and more than your fair share of mental stress, there are ways to keep sharp.

Games Aren’t Just for the Kids

As a mom, you know games. Games are going to be a way of life until your youngest children grow up – and then you’re going to miss them. Just as there is a broad range between toddler-oriented puzzles and sophisticated electronic games for teenagers, so too there are games for moms.

But games for moms are different – you need more than a stimulating win-or-lose scenario. You need a game that will keep your mind active while reducing stress and contributing to a healthy life-work balance. Some of the best options include:

• Sudoku: One of the most popular puzzle games of all time, Sudoku has been proven to improve mental acuity and critical reasoning. It’s free, it’s relaxing, and it can help keep your memory intact well into old age.
• Online Poker: Whether you play for real money or not, online poker is a great pastime for busy moms. Winning a bit of extra cash is always welcome, but poker’s real strength is in the way it engages the brain – the game is more about skill than about chance, and it rewards strategic thinking and critical judgement.
• Beautiful Katamari: Every once in a while, a video game that appeals equally to adults and little ones comes out. Beautiful Katamari is one of those titles. If you already bought a video game console for your child, you might as well enjoy it for yourself on your own time – give it thirty minutes and we’re sure you’ll catch on.

What to Look for in Brain Games

The three options mentioned above span the gameplay range from dead simple to highly sophisticated. There are countless others out there – look for games that combine strategy with critical thinking or problem solving.

Strategy games are the ones that are going to have the most positive effect, mitigating the risk of mom brain by keeping your mind sharp. Once they work their way into your daily life, you’ll begin to feel more relaxed as you deal with the inevitable daily pressures of motherhood.

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