EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale Review and Giveaway

The holidays are here and what does that mean? It means stress and with stress comes grabbing for another plate of food, and even some extra desserts. I know this because I am one of those stress eaters. With companies such as EatSmart I am kept in check. With the EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale I will know all my numbers within a short period. The Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale keeps track of the important numbers such as Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Water Weight, and Bone Mass. Knowing these numbers will help keep yourself from being depressed when you step on the scale and it has gone up. The GetFit can store up to 8 different people. This making it keep up with the whole family a lot easier. It uses the BIA (Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis) technology to accurately measure the different areas. How? Simple. First you need to program the scale for your body and movement level, then you strip down, and get on the scale barefoot. This will allow for the … [Read more...]

Let Swanky Outlet Help You Sleep At Night

How long has it been since you got a good nights rest? Do you find yourself doing more tossing and turning then sleeping at night? Maybe it is time you purchase some new pillows. It has been many years since I had new pillows, it has also been many years since I slept well at night. I would find myself waking up several times to adjust my pillows. It wasn't until recently, when I was actually able to sleep through the night, and I owe the thanks to Swanky Outlet. My husband and I had the opportunity to check out their Charter Club Bedding, Medium Support Down Alternative Microloft King Bed Pillow. At first I didn't want to believe the reason I tossed and turned was due to my pillow. I have always been a light sleeper, maybe the flat pillows we had was the reason behind my "light" sleeping habits. The Charter Club Bedding Down Alternative Microloft King Bed Pillows come in firm, medium or soft support.They are machine washable and have a 100% cotton windowpane cover. They are … [Read more...]

Pilot Pens Review

UPDATE: It was brought to my attention the ink disappears after awhile, I reached out to the reps, and got the tip to make it reappear! Place in the freezer for awhile, and the ink will reappear. I am what one would call an ink pen hoarder! I love ink pens, and when I am at the bank or the doctor’s office if I like the way the pen writes, I will ask if I can keep it! Yes, my obsession with pens is that bad. So when asked if I were interested in reviewing the new FriXion erasable ink pens by Pilot, I had to say yes. We were sent samples of the G2 gel Ink pens, FriXion erasable Ink pens, and the eco-friendly recycled B2P pen! When the Pilot ink pens came in the mail for review I had to check out the FriXion erasable ones. I wrote my name and erased it; both my husband and I were in awe. He took to twitter telling everyone how awesome the pens were, and started to show it off to his friends. I had to show our daughter this neat line of pens, and let her know she can now use the … [Read more...]

Probar Fruition Review

Trying to lose weight can be a challenge, if you don't have the proper snacks. Having the proper snacks in the house will help you when you have urges to eat high calorie snacks that have no health benefits to you. I recently discovered the probar fruition, these bars maybe little but they pack a powerful punch.   The Probar Fruition come in several different flavors, such as cherry, strawberry, lemon, blueberry, chocolate orange, peach and cran-raspberry. Each being gluten free, and offering a ton of health benefits. These little bars are certified organic, and contain 2 servings of fruit per bar. This is very beneficial to us that don't get much fruit in our diet. Did I also mention these are considered a superfood, and contain ingredients such as chia seeds and omega-3! With trying to lose weight, I love all the health benefits packed into these little bars, each bar contains 160 to 170 calories, and will keep you satisfied for a while. I have tried all flavors and I think … [Read more...]