Pilot Pens Review

UPDATE: It was brought to my attention the ink disappears after awhile, I reached out to the reps, and got the tip to make it reappear! Place in the freezer for awhile, and the ink will reappear.

I am what one would call an ink pen hoarder! I love ink pens, and when I am at the bank or the doctor’s office if I like the way the pen writes, I will ask if I can keep it! Yes, my obsession with pens is that bad. So when asked if I were interested in reviewing the new FriXion erasable ink pens by Pilot, I had to say yes. We were sent samples of the G2 gel Ink pens, FriXion erasable Ink pens, and the eco-friendly recycled B2P pen!

Pilot ink pens

When the Pilot ink pens came in the mail for review I had to check out the FriXion erasable ones. I wrote my name and erased it; both my husband and I were in awe. He took to twitter telling everyone how awesome the pens were, and started to show it off to his friends. I had to show our daughter this neat line of pens, and let her know she can now use the pretty pink one when it comes to schooling.

erasable ink pens pilot

When my daughter tried it out for herself, her words were … “Wow” then she had to look at the eraser on it and her response was… “It didn’t even mess the eraser up!” Of course, she has to keep playing with it, and since she is a smart kid, the next question she had was… “I wonder if any hard plastic would work.” Therefore, to ease her curiosity, we grabbed the cordless phone, and used the antenna to erase the ink. Sure enough it worked.

With the special gel ink, the marks disappear with friction, hence the name of these awesome pens! This is one pen we will be using for schooling!

Then we have the eco-friendly recycled B2P pen. B2P stands for Bottle2Pen. Yes, Pilot has taken recycled bottles and turned them into ink pens! These neat little pens are made with 89%-recycled products, and they don’t smudge. I love how they resemble a water bottle!!!

Recycled Bottle Pens Pilot

With our Planet desperately needing the help of all of us to save it, I love how big companies are also stepping up to do its part, in saving the Earth. Small things will make a big difference.

We were also able to check out the G2 pens, I found all to write very smooth, and I have already stashed them away so my family cannot try to snag them from me! I did give them a few so they have no reason   to come try to take mommas!

G2 gel pens from Pilot

When school goes back into session every year I like going to Wal-mart and stocking up on the pens, because it seems like I go through them a lot! You can purchase Pilot products at stores that carry office supplies. Prices will vary on all products.

I received product for review purposes only no other form of payment was received.

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  1. I had actually used the FriXion pen before at school to make notes, I go back a few weeks later to review my notes for a test and they were GONE! They ink had faded mostly completely off of the page, I couldn’t make out any of the words, needless to say I didn’t pass that test. Just thought you should know over a long period of time the ink from the FriXion pens do dissipate from the paper!

    • Dizzy Mommy says:

      Thanks Amber for pointing that out. I could see why that would happen since it is based on friction, and if the paper was to rub on something for a long period of time. Or maybe even the heat. Maybe just use them for things such as math or something where it might not be an issue if the ink was to disappear.

      • Dizzy Mommy says:

        Tip for the disappearing ink from Pilot rep: you can place your piece of paper with the disappeared ink in the freezer and let it sit for a little while and the ink will reappear! Great solution for ink that has accidentally sat in the heat and disappeared and a cute idea for kids to create secret messages, too.

  2. Fawn Strunk says:

    I think this is a awesome review and cannot wait to try one for my self

  3. Thanks for the tip, I will have to see if I still have one around here and try it out.. wish I would’ve known that a few months ago maybe would’ve saved that test for me lol ! Thanks again for checking into this!

  4. I like the recycled pen idea. Every bit helps

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