Vintage Style Nursery Ideas

Today I want to share with you some easy ways to bring vintage style to your nursery. Whether you want a full blown vintage nursery or if you prefer simple vintage touches, this should give you plenty of inspiration. With vintage style still as popular as ever, there are plenty of places to find the right furniture and decor, for any budget. Here are just a few ideas to get you started on the nursery of your dreams. Choosing a theme is a brilliant idea. This will stop your nursery from looking confused or mismatched. If you’re having a boy why not choose cowboys or robots? For a girl how about a woodland theme? I’ve seen some beautiful hot air balloon and circus themes, that would work well for either a boy or a girl. The vintage map theme, shown below is another great idea. You could sign up to Pinterest and create a board of nursery ideas you like. There are thousands of options to choose from this could help you decide on the perfect theme. There are no rules on how much you … [Read more...]

Making a Career Change

There are many people in this world who are unhappy with their current job. They might be unsatisfied with the amount they are being paid. They might hate their boss. Some people feel that they have skills that are far beyond the responsibilities of their current job. This is very common. However, most people do not take the necessary steps to change their life. They just complain about it constantly. Do you find yourself in a dead-end job that is making you depressed? If this is the case, there are ways out of your current situation. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider a career in cosmetology. 1. You can have a greater earning potential When you are a cosmetologist, your income is limited only by how many customers you want to see on a daily basis. Many people are in a salaried job where their wage is predetermined. If you want the opportunity to earn more if you do additional work, cosmetology could be the career for you. If you want to work seven days each … [Read more...]

How To Expedite And Optimize Your Next Home Improvement Project

Making your home look as incredible as possible is a lofty goal. To realize your vision of cultivating an inviting living space marked by aesthetic appeal and immense comfort, you need to have some effective strategies up your sleeve. While there are several strategies you can implement, the following tips will really help you expedite and optimize your upcoming home improvement project: 1. Take The Shopping Process Online. One strategy you can use to make your home improvement process as expedient as possible is to take your shopping process online. This strategy is effective in saving time because you won't have to fight horrid traffic or deal with lengthy checkout lines. To make the most of your online shopping experience, be sure to use specific keywords when searching for the right store. For example, a phrase like "Find Hickory Chair Online" is better than "Locate Furniture Store." As you begin looking for the ideal furniture store, consider a company like Boyles Furniture … [Read more...]

How To Prevent Common Workout Injuries

It’s happened to everyone at some point. You decide to get fit, get past the tough stage, and finally start to enjoy it. And then, something goes. It could be a muscle pull, or a slip while you are out jogging. It could be a sprained ankle or even something like tendinitis. But, whatever it is, it will force you to quit your exercise regime until you are better. By which stage, of course, you are back to square one. So, it’s vital to workout safely as much as you can - and to understand how things can go wrong. In this guide, I’m going to talk you through how you can prevent the most common workout injuries. Read on to find out more. Get a full checkup I would advise anyone starting a fitness program to get a full check-up from their doctor before they start. Not only will it ensure you are in a good enough condition for it, but it will also flag up any conditions you have right now. Then, as you start your exercises, you will know exactly how far you can push yourself, and … [Read more...]

Fun, Exciting Ways to Change The Look of Your Home

After a few years, or a shorter amount of time for some, the current look of your home might start to seem dated, plain or just tired. Luckily, there are many different ways that you can spruce up your home's feel and take it from old and boring to new and exciting. Paint Painting or refinishing something can make almost anything look like a completely different item. Redesigning something small or large can make the look and feel of any room change. Choose a new wall color, change the finish on your floors or repaint the whole outside of the house! Any difference of this kind will be noticeable and fun to see how it alters the feel of your home. Buy New Furniture Replacing a piece of furniture here and there won't be drastic enough of a change if you want to totally revamp the feel of a room. Take practically everything in that room and replace it with pieces that are completely different in style from your current furniture and you will see a world of change. You can give away or … [Read more...]

Here’s What You Need To Know As A Yoga Newbie

I am a real fan of being healthy, even more so now that I have my little one. A while ago, a friend mentioned to me how beneficial practicing yoga can be for your health. This made me think about giving yoga a try, and what I would need to know as someone who was new to it. After doing lots of research, both online and first-hand, I decided to put together a guide to everything that yoga newbies should know. Yoga is an amazing form of exercise, but if you don’t know the right clothes to wear or the best style to try, you could end up being put off for good. To ensure that you enjoy yoga and give it a fair chance, take note of this advice: Choose an instructor that you feel comfortable with As someone who is new to yoga, attending your first class can be intimidating. However, you can make yourself feel more comfortable by picking an instructor who you feel happy to be around. If you are unsure of the best local instructor, ask one of your friends or relatives who … [Read more...]


Disclosure: I received copies for giveaway purposes, no other form of payment was received. In 1992, Beethoven won our hearts as the big slobbery St. Bernard, that was in to everything. Over the past 22 years, there's been a total of 7 different Beethoven movies. With the most recent one being Beethoven's Treasure Tail, which was released on Blu-Ray and DVD October 28th, 2014. Beethoven's Treasure Tail brings that big slobbery St. Bernard, back into our home for a new adventure. In this adventure, Beethoven will befriend a local boy in a small coastal village. Together they will search for lost treasure that will bring the whole town together. If you're looking for a great family movie this holiday season, you will not want to miss Beethoven's Treasure Tail. To help get your holiday off to a great start I have two copies to giveaway! Giveaway is open to US readers only, 2 of you will get 1 copy of Beethoven's Treasure Tail Blu-Ray/DVD combo. To enter follow … [Read more...]

How To Find Day-to-Day Transportion For Your Grandparent

Old age comes for us all, but when it happens to a beloved grandmother or neighbor, it can be hard to watch them lose their independence when they're no longer allowed to drive. One way to help them restore their mobility is by arranging non-emergency transportation for their daily needs, but how can you be sure those drivers are safe? Here are a few methods for vetting strangers behind the wheel. Look Into Their Driving Record If they're part of an official transportation company, these records should be on-file and accessible to any concerned party. If they're working solo, they should still have no problem requesting them from the DMV and handing them over. Signs of hesitance mean there's something on their record they don't want you to see. Know Their Radius Some companies only travel within a specific area. Others will take seniors wherever they need to go, but additional fees will be charged for out-of-county miles. Before you work out your grandparent's schedule, make sure … [Read more...]

Two Weeks on Metformin

I have now been taking metformin for two weeks. I have noticed a little difference, I am actually starting to lose weight, I am losing about a half a pound every few days, this is without working out. I will be starting back SOON, I know I keep saying that, however, it has been so cold I cannot get the motivation to go in the other room to workout. I have also noticed, when I eat carbs now, I end up in the bathroom fast. The metformin doesn't like the idea of me putting carbs into my body. This maybe a good thing, because it will help me cut back on those carbs, or I will have to suffer in the bathroom. As soon as I start adding some exercise into my day to day activities, I know I will lose more weight, right now I am happy with the results and happy that the doctors finally discovered the cause for some of my weight issues. I know I am the cause of the condition, however, I am trying to fix that and it was hard when the condition was working against me. I want the weather to … [Read more...]

Walmart To Start Black Friday Early

Thanks to Walmart and them starting to honor competitor deals a week early, I was thinking Thanksgiving was this Thursday, I was a bit bummed out when I learned Thanksgiving wasn't until next week. How many of you are thrilled to know that on Friday the 22nd, Walmart will be price matching the competitors black Friday deals? What does this mean for all the other stores on Black Friday? If I had money I would think this was awesome, since I live in a smaller town all we have is Walmart. If I wanted to go to some of the other stores such as Kmart, Target, or even Toys R Us, I would have to go to Memphis, and let me tell you I am far from a fan of Memphis. I am getting better at going, but my anxiety still tends to act up. How many of you will be taking advantage of Walmarts price matching Friday? I tend to stay out of most the stores until after Christmas! … [Read more...]