Walmart To Start Black Friday Early

Thanks to Walmart and them starting to honor competitor deals a week early, I was thinking Thanksgiving was this Thursday, I was a bit bummed out when I learned Thanksgiving wasn’t until next week.

How many of you are thrilled to know that on Friday the 22nd, Walmart will be price matching the competitors black Friday deals? What does this mean for all the other stores on Black Friday? If I had money I would think this was awesome, since I live in a smaller town all we have is Walmart.

If I wanted to go to some of the other stores such as Kmart, Target, or even Toys R Us, I would have to go to Memphis, and let me tell you I am far from a fan of Memphis. I am getting better at going, but my anxiety still tends to act up.

How many of you will be taking advantage of Walmarts price matching Friday? I tend to stay out of most the stores until after Christmas!

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