Two Weeks on Metformin

I have now been taking metformin for two weeks. I have noticed a little difference, I am actually starting to lose weight, I am losing about a half a pound every few days, this is without working out. I will be starting back SOON, I know I keep saying that, however, it has been so cold I cannot get the motivation to go in the other room to workout.

I have also noticed, when I eat carbs now, I end up in the bathroom fast. The metformin doesn’t like the idea of me putting carbs into my body. This maybe a good thing, because it will help me cut back on those carbs, or I will have to suffer in the bathroom.

As soon as I start adding some exercise into my day to day activities, I know I will lose more weight, right now I am happy with the results and happy that the doctors finally discovered the cause for some of my weight issues. I know I am the cause of the condition, however, I am trying to fix that and it was hard when the condition was working against me.

I want the weather to warm up so we can hit the hiking trails.

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