Pilot Pens Review

UPDATE: It was brought to my attention the ink disappears after awhile, I reached out to the reps, and got the tip to make it reappear! Place in the freezer for awhile, and the ink will reappear. I am what one would call an ink pen hoarder! I love ink pens, and when I am at the bank or the doctor’s office if I like the way the pen writes, I will ask if I can keep it! Yes, my obsession with pens is that bad. So when asked if I were interested in reviewing the new FriXion erasable ink pens by Pilot, I had to say yes. We were sent samples of the G2 gel Ink pens, FriXion erasable Ink pens, and the eco-friendly recycled B2P pen! When the Pilot ink pens came in the mail for review I had to check out the FriXion erasable ones. I wrote my name and erased it; both my husband and I were in awe. He took to twitter telling everyone how awesome the pens were, and started to show it off to his friends. I had to show our daughter this neat line of pens, and let her know she can now use the … [Read more...]