Probar Fruition Review

Trying to lose weight can be a challenge, if you don't have the proper snacks. Having the proper snacks in the house will help you when you have urges to eat high calorie snacks that have no health benefits to you. I recently discovered the probar fruition, these bars maybe little but they pack a powerful punch.   The Probar Fruition come in several different flavors, such as cherry, strawberry, lemon, blueberry, chocolate orange, peach and cran-raspberry. Each being gluten free, and offering a ton of health benefits. These little bars are certified organic, and contain 2 servings of fruit per bar. This is very beneficial to us that don't get much fruit in our diet. Did I also mention these are considered a superfood, and contain ingredients such as chia seeds and omega-3! With trying to lose weight, I love all the health benefits packed into these little bars, each bar contains 160 to 170 calories, and will keep you satisfied for a while. I have tried all flavors and I think … [Read more...]

do you know the benefits of pumpkins?

With Halloween not far away, it means we will be getting our children pumpkins to carve. But wait! Before you throw away those seeds, read below. Below you will find some benefits of pumpkins, and ways you can incorporate them into your daily diet. Practitioner Dr. Helen Lee, DC offers the following nutritional benefits of pumpkin and its seeds. Nutritional Benefits of Pumpkins: 1. Vitamins: Pumpkin and its seeds contain nutrients such as vitamin C, E, iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, both beta & alpha carotenoids (anti-oxidants which help prevent cell damage), and lutein (support healthy eyes). 2. Organ Health: The nutrients in pumpkin and its seeds help support the health of your kidney, bladder and prostate. 3. Sickness Prevention: Helps with minimizing osteoporosis, increases digestive health by helping with parasites & tapeworms, and lowering cholesterol. 4. Protein: Pumpkin seeds are high in protein. 5. General Benefits: Pumpkin seeds help … [Read more...]