Working From Home

How many of you are looking to work from home? With the rising cost of gas, working from home is a rather smart option. There are several companies out there that want and need your help. However, finding the legit ones can be pretty tough. You can Google different keywords on Google and try to find those legit places, but even it you find them, it doesn't mean the people on the site are legit. Take for instance. While this site has it pros and cons, the main people behind it are not doing a good enough job to protect those writing the articles. As it is the pay is not that great, but they do pay weekly and if you are fast at researching and fast at the brain you could make good money from this site, IF you don't get a scammer. What do I mean by scammer, well this site has become over ran with people who claim to want articles, however, after you write these articles, these requestors screen shot your work and respin it to make it theirs then they get away with free … [Read more...]

finding legit work at home jobs

Finding legit jobs that you can do from home can be very overwhelming. With there being so many scams out there, it is hard to determine which is legit, and which isn't. I have come across a few sites, that I know from personal experience to be legit. I have received payment with no issues. Writing Article Jobs We all can use a little extra money, one of the easiest ways to do this is writing articles. Below is a list of some of the places I have personally worked for, some the pay is good, others the pay not so great, but when you need milk, you tend to do what you can. #1 Blogsvertise - The pay on this varies, however, they do pay. Payment is sent out roughly 30 days of doing the work.s #2 Payu2blog - The pay here is not the best, and you cannot pick what you want to do, they sign you up for articles, and set a time when they have to be done. You must do all that you are assigned. They pay bi weekly. #3 Bucks2Blog - This site pays a bit more than the other two, … [Read more...]