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Finding legit jobs that you can do from home can be very overwhelming. With there being so many scams out there, it is hard to determine which is legit, and which isn’t. I have come across a few sites, that I know from personal experience to be legit. I have received payment with no issues.

Writing Article Jobs

We all can use a little extra money, one of the easiest ways to do this is writing articles. Below is a list of some of the places I have personally worked for, some the pay is good, others the pay not so great, but when you need milk, you tend to do what you can.

#1 Blogsvertise – The pay on this varies, however, they do pay. Payment is sent out roughly 30 days of doing the work.s

#2 Payu2blog – The pay here is not the best, and you cannot pick what you want to do, they sign you up for articles, and set a time when they have to be done. You must do all that you are assigned. They pay bi weekly.

#3 Bucks2Blog – This site pays a bit more than the other two, however, you do not get as many articles. Pay form here takes anywhere from 2 weeks, to a month.

#4. – Here you decide what you want to write, and you write for other people. It really is up to you on how much you make from here, the price for the articles is not the best, but it all adds up. If you can do 3 articles an hour at 4$ each you will be making 12$ an hour. All while working from home.

#5 oDesk – This is where most money will be made, if you are good at doing research, and writing then you will have no problem making a nice amount on here. If you were serious about making a living at home, this would be one of the places to start.

Call Center Jobs

#1 Alpine Access

#2 West at Home

#3 Cloud10

#4 Convergys

#5 Working Solutions

You can find other legit call center jobs, as well as a bit about each place here.

Remember, if a company wants you to pay upfront fees chances are it is a scam. Now there are a few places that make you pay for a background check, a few I listed above do, make sure to do your homework, and check a place out before giving them any personal information.

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