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How many of you are looking to work from home? With the rising cost of gas, working from home is a rather smart option. There are several companies out there that want and need your help. However, finding the legit ones can be pretty tough. You can Google different keywords on Google and try to find those legit places, but even it you find them, it doesn’t mean the people on the site are legit.

Take for instance. While this site has it pros and cons, the main people behind it are not doing a good enough job to protect those writing the articles. As it is the pay is not that great, but they do pay weekly and if you are fast at researching and fast at the brain you could make good money from this site, IF you don’t get a scammer.

What do I mean by scammer, well this site has become over ran with people who claim to want articles, however, after you write these articles, these requestors screen shot your work and respin it to make it theirs then they get away with free content, and you have lost hours of work…

If you are wanting to make good money and not waste your time, you need to work with requestors with atleast a 75% approval rating. Anything under that chances are they are scammers.

I would love to see become more involved in this whole situation. I would love for them to remove those that are scamming the ones trying to make some money, I would love to see them actually show they care. I understand this can be difficult to do, however, it can be done.

Writing articles can make you decent money if you know where to go, and you are knowledgeable on a broad range of topics. However, don’t be fooled by those only wanting free content.

When looking for work to do at home, never fall pray to those wanting you to pay to start working. Most legit places don’t ask for money in return for your help.

Working from home has its advantages and disadvantages. Good luck finding that job you have been looking for.

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