The Truth About Love

Love is not control, love is not hate, love is where two people will do anything for eachother. Love holds no conditions. Is there a such thing as true love, yes there is…

One might think true love is perfect, however, nothing is perfect. Everything has flaws even love. If you have true love, you can get through anything together. I am not saying things will not be hard, I am not saying there will not be tear shed, I am saying you will make it out on top.

I like to think my husband and I have true love, we have been to hell and back together, and we are still together.

To me true love has no conditions, true love cannot be bought. True love is what you feel when you look into each others eyes and know without a doubt they are the one, they are the one you want to see first thing in the morning, and the last thing at night.

What is true love to you?


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