Down On The Farm

When you hear the word farm, what is the first 10 things that come to your mind? The first 10 things that come to my mind are... 1. Cows 2. Chickens 3. Eggs 4. Pigs 5. A lot of work 6. Tractors 7. Barns 8. hay 9. country 10. Silos Yes, Silos come to my mind, when I was growing up I had a friend that lived on the farm, and when I stayed with her we would have to get up early in the morning and go feed all the animals. It was fun at the time, thinking about it now I don't think I would want to get up at the crack of dawn to feed the animals. I know if it wasn't for those farmers though we would be lacking in the food area. Farmers play a very important role in our communities. Not only do they raise the cattle we will one day eat, they also produce the grains we use for baking with. Did you know those silos hold tons, and tons of grains. Can you imagine if your job was silo unloading? I have been up close to those silos, and those things can hold a … [Read more...]

What Are Your Plans

So what are your plans for tomorrow? Will you be hanging with the family, or out with friends? I will be hanging with my sister's family, and we will be snacking, playing the Wii and drinking TEA! Yes, I said tea, we use to drink some vodka and orange juice, but now we are boring old people. I just wanted to remind everyone if you are out drinking, DO NOT DRIVE. It is okay to have a good time just remember your limits, and if you get to wasted call someone. I have included a number that will not only take you home, they will also take your car home, and it is FREE. So there is no excuse for drunk driving accidents. When you put yourself behind the wheel drunk, you not only put yourself in danger you put all those other innocent people's lives in danger as well. How would you feel if a child died because of your stupid actions. Use your brain, have fun and call Tipsy Tow if you drink. Tipsy Tow offered by AAA: You DON'T have to be a AAA member to use the service, offered from … [Read more...]

The Ins And Outs Of Internet Marketing

It's no secret among the blogging community that the best way to market anything is with a clean Internet marketing strategy. Advertising and public relations are bigger than ever before amongst the Internet community. You may be a rising entrepreneur or just an internet hobbyist. Either way you can use the Internet to market just about any product or idea you can imagine and beyond. A key element of Internet marketing is search engine optimization. This is the ability to produce clear, informative news articles or blog posts while still making use of keywords. This is done in an intelligent way as to not repeat keywords multiple times or do use any search engine poisoning techniques. True search engine optimization is done in a way where it's advertising without looking like advertising. There is in fact even an seo company that specializes in this area to assist you with your marketing strategies. While you may be an expert in business you may not be quite as computer and … [Read more...]

Shaving With Seasons

How many of you use the season to determine your shaving habits? "Raising Hand" I am so guilty of this, during the summer I shave about 3 times a week, sometimes more it all depends on my mood. However, in the winter months, I shave maybe 3 times a month. Okay, I shave more than 3 times a month, but I don't shave no where near as much during the winter months. Why? Well it is simple, I wear pants so who is going to see my legs besides my husband, and during the winter my skin tends to get rather dry, so shaving leads to a lot of cuts. My husband also shaves with the season. During the Summer months he shaves his head almost daily, however during the winter months he allows his hair to grow out, which I don't blame him the winter months can become pretty cold. My husband has always been a clean cut guy, when he first started shaving his dad gave him a shaving brush and cup that was passed down to him, from his dad. This shaving cup and brush has been through three generations so … [Read more...]

Almost Time To Put 2011 Behind Us

I have to admit 2011 has been one hell of a ride. A lot has happened in my personal life, we ended up moving for a short period, and plan to go back to Tennessee within the next few years. For the time being this was the best solution for our current problem. Some highlights in 2011 include: My daughter turning 10! My daughter discovering Santa is momma and daddy. The birth of Dizzy Mommy Chronicles Friendships gained, and friendships lost. I finally got help for a problem I have been battling for years, and I feel better then ever. Okay I feel better then before. Some highlights I hope for 2012: I hope to purchase a home here in Michigan... (But Jammie, you just said you were going back to Tennessee in a few years... mmhmm I did:) ) I plan to get my business off to an awesome start... (you will find out more about this later) I plan to see my daughter turn 11, and spend lots of time at the beach and geocaching this Summer.   There is a lot on … [Read more...]

When To Look Into Other Options

Many people suffer from infertility, however, with the technology we have today, those that suffer can still become parents. Whether it's adoption or through artificial insemination. Did you know that a third of the time infertility is due to the female, and a third is due to the male. The other third is either due to both, or no issue being found. For those having a hard time conceiving don't give up. Weigh out your options and see what way might be good for you. If the problem lies with the female you can always consult with an egg bank. The reason for sperm and egg banks is to help those achieve their dreams of becoming parents. Often times such services are over looked because one feels ashamed. Never feel ashamed for wanting to become a parent. I have a few friends that have ran into infertility issues, but they didn't let this small bump in the road stop them from becoming parents. Yes, finding out you may not be able to conceive is heart wrenching, but thanks to technology … [Read more...]

Brownies Anyone!

I decided to order me one of those neat magically pre-cut brownie pans and well since I had it, I just had to try it out right? So I purchased me a boxed brownie mix, but I wanted to add some things to it, just to check it out. I bought a pack of reese's peanut butter chips, and mixed in the batter, all I have to say is these are heaven. When I prepared the mix I only used one egg instead of the two. The pan made me some perfect brownies. I am going to try and use it to make other desserts as well. I had no issues with the brownies sticking to the pan nor did I have any issues with them falling a part. I know when I make brownies in a normal pan when I cut them they fall apart, and we are left eating crumbs. These were perfectly cut and ever so yummy. If you like baking I recommend you check out the brownie pan so you already have presliced brownies when they come out of the oven. … [Read more...]

Judging Others

You know what bugs me? When I watch my facebook stream and I see nothing but other people judging and bad mouthing someone else. I understand people often put to much of their information out for the world to see, however, it is often done so others will reach out to them and give them a shoulder to cry on. Not start all the gossiping. I noticed the other day someone mentioned something about divorces, and how it was wrong for people to congratulate them on their divorce. I sat here wondering what gave that person the right to judge the one celebrating her new life. I mean does this person know how the other persons marriage was. Maybe she was beat daily, or abused mentally. I am sorry but if I was abused mentally or even physically in my marriage I would be screaming to the roof and praising all for being out of the situation I was in. I just sometimes do not understand people. Another thing is how they will sit there and say one thing but do another. I mean really come … [Read more...]

Cultivation Of The Nopal Cactus

The Nopal fruit, or Nopal cactus as it's more commonly known as today, is a fruit found primarily in the mountainous regions of Mexico. The Nopal is farmed regularly in these regions as the rich and rocky soil offers the essential nutrients the Nopal needs to grow to it's full potential. In addition to the soil the Nopal benefits from higher elevations by it naturally having less pests. These key factors help Nopal farmers produce healthy and more abundant Nopal crops. The main reason the Nopal is farmed so much in that region is the great benefits the plant receives. The reason the Nopal is cultivated at all is very much the same. The prickly pear is harvested as a traditional food product of the country and for it's nutritional and therapeutic benefits. Some reputable companies such as Trivita utilize the cleansing and anti inflammatory properties of the Nopal cactus to produce their Nopal powered wellness drink Nopalea. The drink offers the health promoting effects of the … [Read more...]

Student’s Grades

Contributed by Milford Woods I work at a school, and we have a website that a parent can go to and look up their child’s grades online. They can also look at any books that are checked out to their child, see any absences that their child has had, and look at any discipline consequences that their child has received. Today I happened to be working at the reception desk at school, and a dad came in the check his daughter out for a doctor’s appointment. While we were waiting for his daughter to come to the front desk, I asked the dad if he had signed up for the parent portal to be able to see everything about his daughter at school. He said no he had not and would like to sign up. I asked him if he had internet access, and he said he had Clear Wireless 4g at home for his internet service. So I gave him the form the fill out, checked his identification again, and signed him up for the parent portal. Now he has access to everything about his child that is happening at school. I think he … [Read more...]