How Busy Moms Can Find Time in Their Schedules to Relax

As a parent with young children at home or older kids in school, you know that you seldom have time for yourself. Between running the kids to school, making their lunches and ensuring that they do their homework and get to all their after school activities, you might long for the day when you can sit down with a glass of wine and have an hour just for you. No matter how limited your time is, there are still some ways you can find time to relax.

Take a Class

Many gyms and fitness centers now offer daycare for working parents who want to workout. You can leave your kids with a qualified babysitter while you take an exercise class. If you don’t love the idea of driving to the gym a few times a week, look for other classes available in your area. You might take a college class on a local campus, sign up for a piano lesson with a local teacher or even take a painting class. Many colleges and vocational schools offer classes for adults and have daycare on-site.

Design Your Own Scent

When you have just a few minutes to yourself every day, turn to the web for help relaxing. Designing your own signature scent can help you relax and learn more about yourself too. You’ll first take a personality test that asks about your hobbies and interests. You’ll then see a list of scents that match your unique personality. While you can buy perfumes that other companies make or scents based off those that match your quiz, you can also make your own. Mix and match different essential oils and fragrances to create your own custom blend.

Ask for Help

Busy moms are often too afraid to ask for help because they think others will judge them. Being a mom in today’s world is hard because there are so many things you need to do every day. Never be afraid to ask for help from a loved one. Your mom or mother-in-law might agree to take your kids a few days a week, or you might ask your spouse to pick the kids up from school and drop them off at their after school activities once or twice a week. Even if you rarely have an hour to yourself, you can still find ways to relax as a busy mom.

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