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Not long ago I went into the doctor to have blood work done, it seemed as though everything I was doing to lose weight was not getting me far. I was working our daily anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour a day, I was watching what I ate, yet the scale was having a hard time moving, and I really wasn’t seeing results with measurements either.

This made me depressed however, giving up wasn’t an option. I did cut back on working out, because it’s so depressing to bust your ass, and see very little results.

Well, I now know why I was seeing little results, and that is because I am Insulin Resistance, so my body was changing the insulin into fat, and making more insulin and turning it into more fat, and so forth. The doctor put me on Metformin, to help with the insulin issue.

I knew nothing about this drug, all I knew is it was to help people with diabetes, after researching, I have now learned it is used for many things, including weight loss, those suffering with PCOS, and those who are insulin resistance. With not only trying to lose weight, but also trying to have a baby I am very confident in this medication. I only started to take it on Thursday, but since then I have lost 2 pounds, and to be honest, I haven’t been working out much.

I am also getting full faster. For example on days I would usually eat a ton, I am only able to eat a small amount of food and I feel super full. I will be upping my dose in a few days, and I will be slowly adding in some exercise into my day, and I will be also getting those measurements!

I am praying this is the reason I was having issues losing, I am excited to be on this medication, and hoping to not only lose weight, but get pregnant with baby #2!

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