Adding A Little Fun To Schooling

Monday was our first day back to schooling! I have to say this maybe a very long year, my daughter has become unfocused. She is getting into the higher grades, where schooling doesn’t seem to be fun anymore. So I have decided to make a few changes to make it fun again. One of the subjects she dislikes the most, is math.

When she was younger she loved math, but the higher up she gets the harder it gets, and she isn’t fully understanding it. So to make it fun we are going to break out the measuring cups, and the money and get to getting our math on.

I am hoping once she finds the love she once had for it, it will get a bit easier on her.

We’re also going to start going to the park, now that it has cooled off. I am hoping the cooler weather will put her into learning mode, if not we can always take a hike to help clear her mind so she can begin to focus more.

Are you a home schooling family? How do you tackle some of those subjects your kids don’t care much for?

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