Seeing The Damage

Today is the day we get to go see about getting our taxes started! We get to see what the damage is and how much we are getting back. I honestly didn’t think we would get anything back since we don’t pay in. However, since we are in a small tax bracket we will get enough back to pay what we owe and to get some back.

Taxes are so confusing to me, over the past 9 years I have always done our taxes, this year I am not even going to attempt to figure them out. We will be going in to get them done, I am only hoping we get enough back to pay the car off. That would be awesome!!!

Paying the car off means I will be able to enjoy some much needed time away from the computer and more time with my family!

A large part of our time is spent working on the computer. We need to reverse those roles, and spend a large part of our time off the computer. Since winter has been here I have gained about 15 pounds, and I am already big, so this needs to be tackled and soon.

When we were in Michigan we were walking close to 6 miles a day, I want to be able to do this again soon!

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