Weight Loss 101

If you have stumbled upon this post, it means you are looking for ways to lose some weight. Weight loss can be a little tricky, however, if one is determined to lose weight, it can be done safely. There are many diets out there, that are not really safe, there are even some out there, that will make you stop eating all those products you like, such as cake, cookies, and even pasta.

For the past two weeks I have successfully lost 7 pounds, and I have continued to eat all the foods I love. How did I do it you ask? Simple, first you need will power, and you need to want to lose the weight. If you’re not ready to lose you will not lose. There are a few rules to live by when working towards your goal weight.

In the past two weeks, I have changed my eating pretty much all together, I still have the foods I love, but I have them in moderation. When you count the calories, it will allow you to have that piece of cake for dessert, you may not be able to have the full piece but a small piece if you like.

A few rules I have been living by these past few weeks is…

Water intake, at least 80 ounces of water a day, water is honestly the key to losing weight. If your body is lacking water, you will have a harder time losing.

Calorie counting, I have been watching all the calories I intake, I have reduced the amount of food I eat by at least half! Yes half, a few of my favorite snacks now are frozen grapes, or greek yogurt with a little honey.

More veggies and fruit, in order to lose weight it is very important that you get all the vitamins and servings of all those important food groups.

And lastly exercise, if you’re eating healthier, watching portion sizes, and getting your water, then you can workout a few times a week. If you aren’t eating better you may need a bit more activity in your day.

With having struggled most my life with weight, and trying many different diet plans, it all boiled down to water, calories, veggies, fruits, and exercise! If you can do all of these you to can lose weight without having to drop completely all those foods you love. NOW you will have to cut the amount of your favorite foods, and only have them once in awhile, but you can still have them.

I have also found a love for dark chocolate and almonds!


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