Yearly Body Cleanse

Now that the new year is in full swing, how many of you have been sticking to those resolutions? Not me! However, every year I try to do at least one body cleanse. Whenever I do a complete cleanse, I feel a lot better through out the day. Many don’t know it, but waste will build up and all the toxins are not good for you.

Not only does the cleanse help you clean out those bad toxins, it also helps you release all the build-up this allowing you to drop some pounds.

The last cleanse my husband did, he dropped almost 30 pounds, and I lost 10. Although I didn’t lose as much waste as my husband I still felt so much better. I never use to cleanse my body until my husband showed me all the benefits that came a long with it. Through out the year as we eat processed foods, all the chemicals and such have a hard time removing themselves from our bodies.

The build up will cause your body to run sluggish. If you are running sluggish I would recommend you doing a cleanse.

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