Ready for Summer

How many of you are ready for Summer? As I sit here I am freezing my behind off. It’s mostly my hands, I need me some gloves I can wear while I type. That would rock! Things in my life are still way crazy, I am hoping to find out more about the situation within the next week. Please pray for good news, not sure how much more bad news I can handle.

I wish I was here in Michigan for more of the Summer last year, because I know Summer back in Tennessee is going to be blah. I been a part of those Summers for many years, and well yea!

I am not looking for the storms though, my family all think the storms in Michigan are going to be bad this Summer because of the winter. I went and bought my daughter some snow pants, and well she didn’t get to wear them to play in the snow. I think we got less then 2 feet in total all winter. That is super not normal for Michigan.

I know these things because I lived here over 21 years!

I am honestly ready to go back to Tennessee though, Michigan is only going to be a visiting spot. To bad I had to learn this the hard way, and I never would have thought I would say this, but Tennessee is home.

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