Buying Clunkers

When I go out and spend money on a vehicle I expect to get at least my moneys worth out of it. When I was 21 I went and purchased my first car, it was a Pontiac Grand Prix, I happen to love my Pontiac’s we have owned 3 total. However, when I purchased my first car, I ended up paying more than it was worth. I was planning a trip and I needed to make sure this car would make it there, and back.

I informed the dealer of this, and they assured me, said if anything was to break they would make sure I had a rental and it was fixed. Well needless to say it didn’t turn out that way, and I had to threaten them to get a Lemon Law Attorney.

It happened back in 2000, I was going to Tennessee to see my now husband, I made it half way when the car went blah on the interstate. I was stranded, no phone, no nothing. Long story short, my husband came to get me from Illinois we left the car, and came back for it, I called the dealership, explained what happened. He told me pretty much to deal with it, and it wasn’t his problem.

I am 21 I am in a state I have never been to and being told to deal with it, well if you know me, I tend to have a big mouth. I told this guy he will be the one dealing with it, I gave him a few options… #1 you fix my car, I only had it two weeks! Yes, two weeks… Your company insured me, if something happened it was covered… or #2. You can shove the car where ever you think it may fit, because I am not bringing it back, and I am not paying no more for it…So you pay to have it fixed, or you pay to come get it, your call…

They ended up paying to have it fixed, however, it was a temp fix, it got me back to Michigan, but as soon as we crossed the border it started back up again, thankfully they did get it fixed, and it lasted me several years.

How many of you have purchased clunkers, and had to contact a lawyer so help you out?

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