Stop Those Annoying Bill Collectors!

How many of you have dealt with collection agency harassment? I am sure many of you have whether it really was something you owed money on, or something you once owed money on and had already made arrangements to pay the debt back. Did you know collection agencies are not allowed to call and harass you?

Thankfully there are laws out there to protect us from these collection agencies. These laws were put into place so that we wouldn’t be harassed, not so that we didn’t pay our debts. I believe if you have a debt you should repay it, however, sometimes it can take a while to pay it back. I know with the current bills I have, it is sometimes difficult to pay back on some of those medical bills we have accumulated.

I know I owe those bills, however, keeping my lights on take priority over those bills, and it really does the collectors no good to call and threaten me, they will not get their money back any sooner. Trust me if I could make money grow I would. Unfortunately things don’t work like that.

If the collection companies are harassing you, you need to look into stopping them. Finding out your rights is the first step to stop those harassing phone calls. Don’t let those collectors control your phone.


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