Searching For The Best Insurance

As parents we want to make sure our children have the best medical coverage possible. We want to assure ourselves if something were to happen we know they will get the best care. Often times our employer will offer our families a medical insurance plan. However, in my experience it has been just basic insurance with a high co pay.

When my husband had medical insurance on us through his employer it covered very little. We were paying $60 a month for the insurance plus we had a $30 co-pay every time we went to the doctor. We decided it was time to look into other insurance coverage when we received a bill showing the insurance company only covered .27 cents of a $151.00 bill.

Trying to find cheap inexpensive medical coverage that is also good is not easy. However, as long as you know where to look you will have no trouble finding coverage that will be perfect for your family. One thing to remember when looking for insurance is how good it is for children. Some insurance maybe perfect for adults, but the coverage on children is not that great. Personally, I would rather have the best insurance on my daughter then on myself.

What are some things you look at when purchasing medical insurance for your family?

The main thing I look at is not only cost, but the coverage on children. I need to make sure my daughter has the best possible coverage we can get.

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