Preparing For The Proposal

Did you know several people get engaged to be married on Christmas. Marriage is a special thing, and it allows two people to take their relationship to another level. Marriage isn’t for everyone, and it doesn’t mean two people love each other any more or less. To me marriage is a life long commitment, and when the rings go on those fingers it is meant to be a forever thing.

If you are thinking about making that proposal on Christmas morning, you want it to be special. You need the best ring, and the perfect timing. Many people go with a traditional wedding set. However, it seems more and more are being more unique, and going with the celtic wedding jewelry.

Celtic jewelry, is not only affordable, it is also gorgeous. I am a ring girl, and I would love to get me a few piece just to have, you know for those special dates with my husband. These rings would also make great promise rings, if you are not quite ready to say I do.

However, with Christmas not far away you don’t have much time left to make that proposal unforgettable. If you are unsure how to propose just be sincere and let the one you are proposing to know they are the love of your life, and you would be honored if they would spend the rest of their lives with you.

If you are already married, how did your husband/wife propose to you? Was it romantic or a just let’s get the ring and say we are married?

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