Late Night On Youtube

Have you ever sat here with a ton of work to do, but lose focus on what needed to be done and found yourself browsing youtube? I often get extremely distracted and I am either on yahoo, or youtube. Tonight as I browsed the different videos I came across Far Away by Marsha Ambrosius. With me not knowing much about music, I was clueless on who she was, but I feel in love with the song. I sat here listening to it over and over again, then I decided I wanted to see what else she sang.

So I looked her up on Google and discovered she also is a well known song writer, and she has wrote songs for Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Nas and several other artists.

Which would explain why I liked her, she is an extremely talented lady. As I was playing her song my daughter was asking me all sorts of questions. My daughter has this strange taste in music she will only listen to female artists, I have no clue why. I will often walk in her room to her on youtube listening to female singers I have never even heard of before. Me on the other hand I listen to a little bit of everything.

What sort of music do you and your kids like listening too?

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