Cleaning Out Those Closets

With Christmas coming soon, might be smart to get those kids bedrooms cleaned out! Not sure of where to start? Often times when trying to get rid of the old you can find a new home for it via the internet. There is a new site coming out called This site will allow you to buy and sell items, without using real money.

I know a lot of what may turn people off from making purchases online, is having to give out their credit card information. I don’t know how many times my sister’s information was stolen from trying to use it to make a purchase online, that was not on a secure connections. This new site will be using trade credits. These credits will allow you to purchase and sell items without giving out those numbers.

You maybe wondering, how you will get these credits, you will earn them. You can earn an easy 200 just for signing up. is also a place where you can connect with your family and friends. You will be able to share pictures, videos, and even join groups.

This is just one way to get rid of old items, to bring in the new items.

Momma always said, you cannot get new, until we get rid of old. So get those closets cleaned out!

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