Room Rugs

When laying down a rug to help offset a room, which color to you prefer? I prefer darker colors, with darker colors if the kids spill something on it, it tends to blend in. Take red rugs for example, ketchup from those dropped burgers that tend to stain, will not show as bad. Clean it up, and any of the mess that didn’t get cleaned up before it set, will be unnoticeable.

Just like kool-aid, I don’t know how many times my daughter spilled kool-aid on the floor only for it to leave a huge stain, and everything I tried only lifted the stain a small bit, having a darker color rug helps hide the mess your children make. I have personally learned this the hard way.

Before my husband and I had our daughter we had light colored carpet, after she arrived and got older we had to replace the carpet with something that would allow the stains to blend in. I had tried cleaning the carpet as well as stain removers, but the stains were already set and nothing I tried worked. Although I still have stains on my carpet, they are not as noticeable, and the only way you can see them, is if you new something was spilled there.

What are some ways you hide stains?

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