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Reference Trouble 1 = girl I once was friends with. Trouble 2 = girl I spoke to from time to time. other blogger = a friend of mine for years.

I felt the need to do this post for a few different reasons. #1 people like to talk, and tell lies, and we all know there are 2 sides to every story. Let me first start by saying this blog was once OWNED by another blogger. She purchased the domain, she paid the hosting. A girl she was once friends with DID, however, blog here.

This other blogger that owned this domain, told trouble 2 several times, she needed to pay for the hosting, at that time she decided she didn’t want the site. This was back in April, the minute she seen it had PR she wanted the site back. Keep in mind she never owned it, this other blogger told her if she paid the hosting, and transferred it, she would have no problem signing it over to her. At this time trouble 2’s other blog got PR, again she decided she didn’t want it… Again it sat, this other blogger new I was wanting another site, so I paid the hosting, the domain, and transferred it to my own. The girl was pissed, because we all got into it back in JUNE (I will bring you upon that story in a minute.) and her and I no longer talked… Once she found out she sent me a few threatening comments on here… I responded back, I CCed trouble 1 that likes to have her nose up everyones ass, because they all like the back and forth she said he said shit…

Sorry I am not playing the back and forth game… I informed them, this was not her blog, I was not claiming the content before April to be my own, she was simply Guest Blogging on a friends blog…

During this time trouble 1 and trouble 2, are on the site for hours… Keep in mind I have not been to either site not ONCE… but both girls have been to mine countless of times. Back before the blogger who owned this domain stopped speaking to trouble 1 and trouble 2, trouble 1 would go to the blogger friend of mine an basically slander me. I ignored it, however, trouble 1 wouldn’t stop. I was being accused of everything that went wrong, and I was getting fed up. So my blogger friend, asked her why she kept coming to my site, and stalking me… Her response was, that she was worried about me, because I had no friends… “Scratching head” Blogger friend stated why not email me, if she was so worried… So I took it upon myself, to email trouble 1. I informed her, my life wasn’t her business, she needed to move on. At this point she realized blogger friend and I were now speaking, and she was very pissed! Matter of fact she stated to blogger friend, she was confused on why she was even speaking to me, and it worried her… Hmm why because you were trying to talk trash about me… Sorry trouble 1 your plan backfired…

Now, let’s rewind to when all the trouble started… I befriended trouble 1 Novemberish of 2010… I was trying to be nice… doh. Being nice always gets me in trouble… We talked often, I considered us friends… UNTIL our area started getting hit bad with tornadoes, and I was not online when she needed me… When I would login, trouble 1 would inform me her blog was more important then saving my family… It wasn’t a one time thing, this pissed me off, and I started to distant myself from her.

I had several friends online during that time, that were texting me and calling me to see if we were all fine, and this so called friend was worried about her blog… Some friend, right?

Anyways, move forward to when all this happened, in May I was extremely depressed, and very edgy. Trouble 2 showed me some things to work at home to help make ends meet, I noticed something that was not suppose to be, and I told her about it… JUST in case she didn’t know… this started the drama… trouble 1 would talk all sorts of crap about trouble 2, to me, and in the end I found out trouble 1 was also talking crap about me to trouble 2… Trouble 1 was basically telling me things about t2, and telling t2 things about me… This pissed me off, and I went off… mmhmm I sure did, this lead to t1, t2, and blogger friend, removing themselves from my circle… Did it bother me, at the time yea it bothered me a lot. Did I let it mess with me, nope I didn’t I used it to get my shit together…

Not long after YES not long after, maybe 2 weeks to a month blogger friend and I realized we had no reason to be pissed at each other… this whole mess was with t2 and I. Only because we both were stressed, and depressed and snapping, and t1 decided to find her way in the mess… Because that is how she is, she wants to be involved, then scream victim. Also, t1 was responsible for blogger friend to remove herself from my friends circle, because she went to blogger friend and told her lies… saying I said shit I didn’t say… That is how she works… It is all my own fault though, I can normally tell when one will be trouble, I just over looked this one… Blogger friend told me from the start to be careful with t1, and I warned her about t2… Neither took each others advise though. I will next time that is for damn sure.

Although, trouble 1 keeps me on topic with her conversations, and comes to my fan page/blog often, it is me that is harassing her, by emailing her telling her to back up… Do people not realize if you have everything set up, you can see all the views to your site? I am not lying when I say this trouble 1 and trouble 2 were on my main blog for days, after this mess in June started… I counted over 50 times in ONE day… I finally banned them… and after they was banned t1 came 10 more times… I mean really you see you are banned, move on… lesson learned. However, these ladies do not seem to learn lessons, and do not move on very well.

Moral of my hell, be careful on who you help online, they maybe crazy, and they will continue to stalk you. T1 didn’t realize blogger friend, and I were speaking still… once she found out, she decided she couldn’t be friends with blogger friend any longer.




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