Hire a Court Reporter

If you are familiar with the court systems, you know it is always smart to have someone on your end taking notes. Although, it isn’t always needed, sometimes having a detailed log of what went on will help you later down the road. Whether you are the lawyer or the Client, hiring a Court Reporting Service would be extremely helpful to your case, and will benefit both Lawyer, and Client.

If you are the client you maybe wondering how such service would benefit you. You maybe thinking this will only make your bill go up more. With having someone taking notes, there will be a detailed dialog of what happened. So there will be no “I don’t remembers” and if there is, well the logs can be pulled to refresh memories.

This will also help your Lawyer recall what was said on the opposite side.

I have learned it is always smart to keep notes. Whether it is at a parent teacher conference, or a work meeting. When my daughter went to public schools, I was not a note taker, and the teacher had made many statements that were untrue, I would have loved to went to my notes with the dates, and proved them all wrong. However, being from a small area, it was always the teacher was right, and you are wrong.

So remember taking notes is a smart thing, it will be very beneficial to you later down the road. I know keep everything logged!

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