Christmas Ideas for New Homeowners

With Christmas not far away I am sure most have started those lists. My list is started and to be honest, it’s blank in most places because I have no clue what to get some. If you are like me you want to get the ones you love the perfect gift, not just some random item just so they have a present from you. Here is a few things I do to help prepare myself when it comes time to purchase those gifts. I make a like of what the person likes/dislikes.

When making those lists some things to take into consideration is…

What has the person been talking about needing lately?

What are some of the persons interests?

Is this person just started out on their own?

If this person is just starting out on their own maybe some nice furniture?  You can usually find cheap sectionals that are nice and would be perfect for the new homeowner. If that is out of your price range, you can pick up some nice decor to help make their home more of a home.

If the new homeowner is a male, and this new home has a garage you can get him a lowes air compressor. Having an air compressor on hand is a must when you have a place to store it, I don’t know how many times I have gone out to the car to find a flat tire, and I would have to find a ride to were I was going. If I had an air compressor I could have aired the tire up, and drove it to be fixed. Although I do not recommend you driving with a puncture in the tire.

If you are still undecided on what to get the new homeowner what about some dressers? You can never have enough places to put your clothes. One recommendation on dressers, if you are going to purchase one for the new homeowners make sure it has dresser drawer slides into. I cannot stress this enough! I currently have one dresser without the slides, and my hands hate me. I have smashed them into the drawers so many times I have lost count.

Still not sure? You could also get  them items for the kitchen, pots and pans, coffee pot, or even a toaster.  What about a nice rug for the bathroom? When purchasing for new homeowners check the markdown sections at your stores, you will sure to find something there.

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