witch’s hand craft project #halloween

Won’t be long and Halloween will be here! You know what that means, right? It means so are colder temperatures. Colder temperatures mean the kids will not be able to play outside for extended periods of time, so why not have some fun craft projects lined up for them!

What a better way to help bring in Halloween, with making Witch’s hands. Witch’s hands are a fun and in-expensive craft, that children of all ages can do. Of course the smaller children will need help. Best part about this project, is you probably already have everything you need.

What is needed:

Green Construction Paper

Black, Red, and Purple items such as, tissue paper, construction paper, or felt.





Take one of the green construction papers, and trace your child’s hand. This will be the base of the main product. Once you have the hand trace carefully cut out the hand. Use the colorful paper to decorate the hand. You will need some fingernails, we all know witches have long fingernails.

To do this, just cut out some oval shapes. Once you have all of them cut out you can glue them onto the hand, and if you want to get really creative you can draw neat pictures on the fingernails. Don’t forget those warts!

You know have a witch’s hand. Use them for invitations to a Halloween party you maybe having, or just to decorate the fridge. This would be a great craft project to do in the classroom.

There are not limits when one uses their imagination, you don’t have to make just witch’s hands, maybe your little one is into spider-man, you can make some small adjustments, and make Spider-man’s hand.

Remember have fun and enjoy the time spent with your children.

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