Work-At-Home Wednesday: oDesk

Did you lose your job due to the economy? Did you know there are so many other ways to make money? Some include working online. I have found a great place to make a nice amount of money. The amount you make all depends on what type of things you are good at, as well as how much time you’re willing to work. Keep in mind places such as oDesk are 1099, and the ones on there looking for help, are also looking to pay as little as possible. However, don’t let that discourage you, if you have what it takes, and you have many great skills, and you can multi-task, you can easily make a living from this site.

I do know for certain that oDesk is a legit work from home site. Also, if you make a certain amount and live in the US you do have to claim what you make.

If you are interested in working on oDesk, I personally suggest you take some of the tests, so those looking for workers can see you do qualify for what they’re looking for, also if you do write articles, the pay isn’t the best, but it ads up, and if you are good at research and fast, you can do the articles in know time, which will make your hourly rate be more.

Which in the end makes it all worth it, plus you will not have to commute  back and forth to work, and you can do this on your time, and in your pajamas!



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