Family Doctor, Dentist, Eye Doctor Oh My!

My husband dislikes going to the doctor. So when we got back to the South and we went to yet again get our Tennessee Driver License, and the lady told my husband he had to go get his eye's checked before could get a state license, he was pretty mad. Matter of fact he informed the lady he would not be back. Well, he was right he hasn't been back. However, it's only because we lack funds to get the eye test done. When we do have the money to get it we will be hitting up Zenni Optical. The have a great selection of men's eye wear for great prices. Chance are my husband will only need the glasses when he is driving. I honestly don't think he needs them often times he can see things better than I can and I have glasses. If you have ever been to DMV they make the images blurry on purpose. I was having to squint when I was reading mine, and like I said I wear glasses. If I would have known the little trip to Michigan was only going to be a waste of time and money we would have stayed … [Read more...]