Do You Believe These Workout Lies?

The world of fitness is full of people giving all sorts of different pieces of advice. Now, most of the time this is a pretty straightforwardly positive thing. After all, without people around to point you in the right direction, it’s incredibly easy to end up failing to properly understand what you need to do in order to get the most out of your workout. It’s also incredibly good that there are people out there who make it their business to try and educate others about the right and wrong ways to exercise. However, for every piece of good advice floating around, there are just as many, if not more, pieces of absolutely terrible advice that can waste people’s time, money, and even put their health at risk. In order to avoid that happening to you, here are some of the most common workout lies that you might have heard, and why they’re nonsense.

“No pain no gain!”

This may well be the single most iconic phrase in the entire fitness world. You see it on the covers of books, in movies, even plastered in huge letters across the walls of some gyms. All of this makes it all the more ridiculous that it is completely and utterly false. Here’s the thing about pain, it’s designed to be a sign that something is wrong. If you put your hand into a fire, your body tells your brain something is wrong, and your brain makes you pull your hand away. So why do we assume that pain is good just because it’s something you’re doing at the gym on purpose. There is a big difference between pushing yourself to your limit and pushing yourself way past your limit. There are a bunch of reasons why this is a terrible idea. For one thing, if you push yourself too hard then you’re going to need to spend much longer recovering, meaning that you can potentially mess up your exercise routine. But even riskier than that is the fact that overexerting yourself can be extremely dangerous. You can pull a muscle, strain yourself, or even do more serious and long lasting damage to your body. The best advice you can have is that if you start to feel any kind of serious pain, stop what you’re doing immediately.

“This is an easy solution!”

Here’s a useful rule of thumb: if someone tells you that something and it seems to good to be true, it definitely is. Not only that but they are probably selling you something as well. As you can read in some of the latest Kayla Itsines reviews, many workout programs are designed to sucker you in with bold promises until they get your money. At which point they pretty much completely neglect to deliver on their promises. It’s always important to remember that exercise is a long road and it takes time and commitment if you really want to see results. The idea of something that will make it all easier might be tempting, but it’s almost always going to leave you with an empty wallet and seriously negligible results.

“Working out every day is the only way forward!”

It’s actually rather understandable why so many people would subscribe to this particular workout myth. After all, the more you work out, the more results you get. Right? Wrong. Working out every day has a bunch of disadvantages. For one thing, it can cause the same problem as overexerting yourself. If you’re not giving your body time to recover, then it’s going to end up weak and unable to hold up to the strain you’re putting it under. But even without that, it’s an ineffective strategy. You build muscle and convert energy while you rest. This means that working out every day never actually gives your body a chance to convert the energy that you produce into real, visible results. All that will happen is that you will be exhausted with nothing to show for it.

“You need the gym to get fit!”

It’s hardly surprising that gyms would try and convince you that you need them in order to get in shape. After all, they have a pretty serious financial stake in it. However, you really don’t need to shell out money on a gym membership in order to get fit. Unless you require the kind of specialized equipment that you can only get there, there are plenty of types of workout that you can do at home or outside. Go for a run or a bike ride. There are even plenty of workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Something that is both convenient and free!

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